On the main problems of plastic packaging material

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Talking about the main problems of plastic packaging materials in China

Plastic packaging materials are mainly film, but the variety of packaging film is unreasonable. At present, the repeated introduction of biaxial stretching film is more serious, and the proportion of coextrusion film is less; In terms of varieties, EVA, EVOH, BOPA, PVA and other functional films are under development

2. The overall level of technical equipment is backward, the business scale is small, and the middle and low-grade products are more gold. For you, there are many new trends in household appliance materials

in the past 20 years, the plastic packaging material industry has introduced a large number of technical equipment from abroad, and has a number of foreign-funded enterprises. Domestic plastic processing equipment has significantly improved in variety and quality, but throughout the industry, the level of technical equipment is still low

injection machines of more than 30000 grams and large complex molds required for the production of large turnover boxes and pallets almost all rely on imports. Biaxial stretching production line is also a full set of imports, domestic digestion and absorption capacity is very poor, and most of the product accessories also rely on imports

in addition, the enterprise is small, the product technology content is low, the situation of repeated production of products is relatively strict, the servo cylinder is heavy, and the enterprise management is poor. Enterprises have little investment in science and technology, weak development capacity, and the research and development of self-developed processing technology is beyond the international advanced level

3. The development is uneven, and the gap between the southeast coast and the western region continues to expand.

the production of plastic packaging materials, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai accounted for more than 50% of the output, of which only biaxial tensile film Guangdong province accounted for more than 60%

4. The contradiction between the recycling management and recycling technology of plastic packaging waste and social environmental protection is prominent

with the increase of plastic packaging waste, especially disposable packaging materials and foam lunch boxes, it has become a major problem in urban and rural environmental governance. The recycling of waste is the numerical management that shows the function of the experimental machine. There is still a lack of perfect methods, and the reuse technology is in the development stage, which is not yet fully mature. Therefore, treating this problem scientifically has become an important topic for the production and development of plastic packaging enterprises, including screw drive and rack drive

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