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Talking about the disadvantages and new opportunities of the domestic packaging industry

from the moment we stepped into the door of the packaging industry, we were destined to tie the knot with it. The development speed of the domestic packaging industry in recent years is really encouraging, but through the phenomenon to feel the essence, a potential hidden pain can not help but make people feel sorry. So what is the reason that hinders the development of the industry? Where is the way out for the domestic packaging industry in the future? With many years of experience, the author summarizes the following three points on the problems of the internal packaging industry in providing qualified enterprises with information on the demand for new materials for weapons and equipment:

first, the pain of innovation in the packaging industry

1. Packaging machinery has been imitating, never surpassing. Packaging machinery, especially the corrugated packaging industry, from single-sided machines to single-sided machines, and then to large-scale production lines, is nothing more than imitation and copying. The appearance is similar, but the internal quality is always the weakness of domestic equipment. The cost performance of domestic equipment meets the requirements of most customers, but high-end models have always given way to Europe and the United States, and their originality is even worse. We all have such experience. Many printing machines in Roland or Heidelberg, Germany, were still used in carton factories in the 1950s and 1960s. It is worthy of respect that the main components are still in good condition. Policy support is a useful guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator, and the failure rate is very low. It is much better than the experience of continuous maintenance of domestic equipment during the warranty period

2. There is no problem in the packaging industry. The disorderly competition in the industry has hindered the progress of the industry, and business innovation has led it into a misunderstanding. As far as the corrugated packaging industry is concerned, China's unique new cooperation mode of centralized board making and decentralized box making has been praised by the mainstream media and industry experts a few years ago. It seems that only this mode can save China's carton industry, but the whole industry has been deeply injured in recent years. This mode has reduced the entry threshold of carton post-processing, resulting in disordered industry competition, weak industrial innovation, and some large-scale Powerful packaging enterprises withdraw or survive because of reduced profits and fierce competition, which hinders the restructuring and upgrading of the industry

3. The untimely adjustment of national industrial policies and standards and the low level have become shackles restricting the development of the industry. For example, the industry standard gb/t corrugated board for corrugated packaging has never changed since its promulgation in 1986. Under the background of rapid technological progress and continuous innovation in the industry in recent years, the old national standard has seriously failed to meet the requirements of industry development, and has seriously lagged behind the existing social general technical level. The voice of the people for improving the industry standard is rising day by day, and the national standard has become an obstacle restricting the development of the industry, Forced by this form, the state hastily launched a new set of national standards, namely gb/t, in 2008. Although the existing technology is partially summarized in the new standards, the national standards as industry benchmarks are still somewhat sad. Take the automotive industry for example, the EU closely tracks the latest technologies in the industry from Europe I to Europe II and all the way to Europe IV, and has formulated a set of strict emission standards before the latest technologies in the industry are fully popularized, ordering enterprises and private innovation. Therefore, the EU's technological leadership has been fostered, which has formed a unique phenomenon that the EU exports standards to the world

for the above reasons, the whole domestic packaging industry is in a disorderly and low-level competitive stage. If there is no change at all, without innovation and realism, China's packaging industry will have a long way to go

second, the pain of being poor and loving the rich in the packaging industry

being poor and loving the rich in the corrugated packaging industry has been a problem for the whole industry. The arrogance and indifference of large demand can not stop the packaging enterprises' strong desire and efforts to cooperate with them, but how many small order customers are suffering from the neglect and prevarication of packaging manufacturers. Who caused the common problem of the whole industry? Of course, because of interests, there is no profit in making small orders

the quotation of small orders is very high, but there is no profit. The raw material cost of small orders is the same as that of large orders, and the management process is also the same. What is squeezing the profit space of these small orders? His underlying reason is only the production cost. At present, the machines provided by our packaging machinery manufacturers are prepared for large quantities and single varieties of packaging products. They are not suitable for small batches and multiple varieties of changes, that is, they are not intelligent and flexible enough

when it comes to flexibility, we have to talk about the benchmark industry of today's manufacturing industry, the automobile manufacturing industry. When Volkswagen entered China, it used the production line of the 1950s and 1960s. Marked by automatic control, the production efficiency of single varieties is very high, but when producing different varieties in line, the whole production line needs to be adjusted accordingly, which is time-consuming and laborious. The new production line built by American General Motors in China has made a qualitative difference. Marked by intelligent control, it introduced the flexible production concept into China for the first time. Different varieties are produced in line array. The first car is a silver Regal, and the second car can be a black GL8. It is controlled by the entire management center, coordinating various processes to complete the separate transmission, installation, final assembly, painting and other processes of parts, It not only improves the utilization of the production line, but also reduces the shutdown and startup time, reduces the input quantity of the production line, and improves the operability of order production

what the packaging machinery industry just lacks is this kind of flexible production concept and resource integration. The production efficiency of each single machine continues to improve, but there is no wisdom when dealing with small orders and multiple changes. He cannot adjust the specifications and production scheduling in a short time and in a row. Take the process of die cutting and forming for example. For each new variety, a professional die cutting and template maker needs to make the corresponding template according to the graphics and size. When changing the order, the template must be replaced once, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increases the production cost. However, this forming technology has been successfully used in the sheet metal industry for many years, such as NC punching. He only needs to input the graphics, size and other parameters and set the corresponding production quantity. It is easy to change the order, It can support array scheduling. Why is the existing mature technology not applied in the packaging industry? It is a problem of concept and attention, as well as fault self diagnosis function and man-machine dialogue function, that is, there is no flexible production concept in the whole packaging industry, and there is not enough attention to the ecological environment of small orders

packaging machinery R & D and manufacturing enterprises should have great love, pay more attention to the production of small orders and personalized packaging products, and make small batch production simple, easy and interesting, which is the future choice of our packaging industry

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