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Talking about the management of commercial form printing equipment and production process

commercial form printing products mainly refer to various commercial forms used by banks, finance, transportation, energy, finance and trade, restaurants, enterprises and institutions, scientific research departments and other units, as well as the special printing products of electronic computer continuous paper. Commercial form printing gradually rose in China in the mid-1980s, and its total equipment and production capacity increased year by year. With the overwhelming development of domestic computer applications, commercial form printing equipment is also surging up in China

commercial computer form printing is a kind of printing with strict process requirements and high product quality requirements. However, many domestic manufacturers neglect production management, resulting in unstable product quality. The former is expensive, affecting the efficiency of computers, and even some products are scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly grasp the technical characteristics and quality requirements of commercial form printing. Based on my work practice, this paper briefly describes the management of commercial form equipment and production process

I. performance and management of every task proposed by the commercial form printer

the commercial form printer is a multi-functional printing equipment that takes web paper as the raw material, can print bills and computer paper of various specifications, and can also print large batches of postcards, labels and other products. Next, take the Spanish six color "rk200s" commercial form printer introduced by our factory in the early stage as a list, and introduce the structure and performance of the commercial form printer

(I) main technical parameters

1, maximum printing paper width 500mm 4, plate mouth width 10mm

2, maximum printing width 480mm 5, maximum printing speed 250m/min

3, roller size range 11inch to 25inch 6, paper range g/m2

(II) use of raw materials

1, printing plate uses precoated photosensitive PS plate, thickness 0 2mm, the bending machine equipped with the machine shall be used to bend the radian from the beginning to the end before the upper plate, so as to avoid the error of printing size and overprint, and facilitate the plate loading

2. Domestic fast drying offset printing ink is generally used, while UV ink is required for multicolor large-area patterns. The machine can be equipped with UV ink drying device according to user requirements

3. The blanket adopts self-adhesive blanket with a thickness of 1.02mm

(III) composition

the machine is composed of a paper feeding section, an offset section, a reversing device, and a processing folding section

1. Paper feeding section: this section includes from 9 The steel wire torque tester is equipped with a small angle device, a paper loading device, a paper balancing device, a paper tension control device, a paper edge locator, etc

(1) automatic paper loading device: the paper loading is automatically completed by air pressure. The maximum web diameter can reach 50inch, and the web position can be adjusted left and right

(2) paper balance and tension control device: the paper passes through several paper guide rollers to make the paper reach the tension control device smoothly. The tension control device of the machine adopts electromagnetic brake disc to control, so that the paper moves evenly and the tension is appropriate, so as to ensure the printing and processing accuracy

(3) paper tail monitor: when the web is printing at high speed and the cylinder center margin reaches the set position, the opportunity will automatically alarm, slow down, release pressure and stop

(4) paper edge locator: it can automatically control the left and right positions of the web to ensure the printing and processing accuracy. The device can also be adjusted at the paper receiving position

2. Offset printing part: the machine is composed of the same offset printing unit, and the inch printing cylinder group can be changed at any time according to the requirements of printing specifications

in order to facilitate the adjustment of overprint, each unit is equipped with an automatic zeroing device. After automatic zeroing, the drum circumference of each unit can be rotated back and forth by 5mm, and the left and right can be moved by 5mm respectively, so as to correct the drop deviation after zeroing. The combination and separation of offset printing are all pneumatically controlled. Alcohol fountain system is adopted for fountain, which can be adjusted according to the requirements of printing

3. Reversing device: it is composed of paper marking the industrialization of Beijing nano silver conductive ink and RFID RF tag antenna based on nano material green printed circuit, reversing mechanism and vacuum pump, which can form positive and negative six color printed matter at one time

4. Processing folding Department: in order to ensure the alignment accuracy of multi-layer page matching forms, and also suitable for electronic computers, the unit is equipped with limit punching, horizontal ridging, vertical ridging, slitting The waste discharge device can then be folded into 8inch, 81/2inch, 11inch, 12inch and other specifications. At the same time, it is equipped with a counting system to facilitate statistics

(IV) equipment on-site management

the quality of printing equipment directly affects product quality, enterprise efficiency and even production safety. According to the characteristics of strong periodicity, short time and high quality requirements of products in the printing industry, production can be guaranteed only by managing the equipment well. In particular, the main feature of the commercial form machine is its fast speed. Good maintenance of the equipment has a deeper effect on completing production tasks on time, with quality and quantity, and enhancing the market competitiveness of products

the "rk-200s" form machine used by our factory has paid attention to the on-site management of the equipment. It has been used since the beginning of 1994 until now, not to mention the occurrence of major faults. Even some vulnerable parts such as bearings have not been replaced, and some ink rollers have not been replaced until this year. Then, how to prolong the service life of the equipment. How to ensure the normal production of the equipment and improve the production capacity of commercial form machines

to manage the equipment well, we should pay attention to two aspects:

on the one hand, we should carefully maintain the equipment. This is the key to ensure the good condition of the equipment. Because our factory imported such equipment from abroad for the first time, its price is also relatively expensive, which has improved the equipment management and maintenance awareness of enterprise leaders and employees, and formed a comprehensive management of equipment, production and technology under the leadership of the factory director. The management method has changed from the traditional way to the "lifetime" management of equipment; The management function has also changed from simply ensuring production to focusing on product quality to strengthen equipment maintenance. It is required that the operating workers must abide by the equipment operating procedures, adhere to the "regular, regular and full guarantee" for the equipment, make the equipment meet the "four requirements", and include the equipment operation and maintenance in the piece rate salary assessment. In the production process, the operators must strictly abide by the operating procedures, and the management organization must implement the working method of "daily evaluation, weekly inspection and monthly review" of the equipment. It is stipulated that "daily minor maintenance, weekend major maintenance and monthly comprehensive maintenance" shall be carried out for the equipment, and the assessment team composed of the workshop director and each foreman shall assess each shift every day. Take 50% of the piece wage as the assessment of equipment use and maintenance. The assessment shall be conducted according to the five grades of a, B, C, D and E. if the use and maintenance are found to be unqualified, the penalty shall be deducted according to the severity. Serious violation of design

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