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Langrui Technology: Intelligent System Innovation workshop

the third industrial computer and embedded system exhibition specially launched a series of special reports. I hope that through this special topic, we can have a deeper understanding of our exhibitors and the entire industrial computer and embedded industry, so as to visit the exhibition more pertinently and obtain more useful information on site

a technology company with more than 100 people claims to be the most connotative enterprise, which seems to be a little inconsistent with the Confucian introverted culture. However, when you enter Langrui technology group company, you will feel an upward mysterious force enveloping you like the sun. From corporate culture to business values, from corporate program to distribution mechanism, it shows that this is a team with dreams and beliefs

Langrui technology does not think that it is to make products to sell to customers, but to solve the real needs of customers and the potential needs that customers still fail to meet under the environment of extremely abundant commodities. Therefore, Langrui people say to customers that they must add more loads: what else do you need me to do for you

Langrui people don't think that starting a company is to make money for the boss, but to gather a large number of people with entrepreneurial dreams to do something together and jointly realize their childhood dreams, so this company has more shareholders than employees, and any young person with entrepreneurial qualifications can incubate their own company on Langrui platform

Cai Gaosheng, CEO of Langrui Technology Group

the future has come. Everything is interconnected, the world is the same, and everyone is the universe. In the era of IOT, our organization is a self-organizing system that can effectively avoid the pollution of hydraulic oil caused by external impurities entering the hydraulic system. CEO Cai Gaosheng blurted out this difficult theory

create an Intelligent System Innovation workshop

from acting as the industrial control motherboard at the beginning, to investing in independent research and development of embedded products, then doing design services and open platforms, and now deeply cultivating IOT. With ten years of accumulation, Langrui has achieved a magnificent turn

deep Lanyu technology is a very personalized technology-based enterprise in the field of industrial computers and embedded systems. Its industrial control application machine system and embedded industrial control motherboard are quite famous in the industry. Langrui technology group created by H.K., an industrial team with deep Lanyu as the core, looks cutting-edge and domineering through investment and stock exchange

in the blueprint of Langrui technology, an open service field should not only cover embedded systems, industrial computers, man-machine interfaces, industrial automation, industrial communications, machine vision, but also provide intelligent system customization, embedded application ODM, smart home, and vertical industry IOT solutions, so as to realize a diversified one-stop service platform for products and systems, so as to become an excellent Intelligent System Innovation workshop

to build a connotation workshop, the foundation is opening. Langrui's openness is reflected in technology to system, corporate culture to operation system

for example, Langrui DMS (design manufacturing services) design services, through the integration of product design, product manufacturing and other links, provide customers with the whole service from beginning to end, make decisions for customers, take the initiative to think for customers, and solve various problems in customer product development. Langrui also opens its technology platform, which is not limited to independent research and development, but also subcontracts sub projects to certified partners and individual entrepreneurs

in the plan of Langrui technology, 2014 is the platform strategy year, which will realize the boundless integration of business models through pan platform architecture, realize the participation of all employees in business management through amoeba operation, and realize the effective integration of business models and values through value chain management

focusing on vertical industry applications and being a practitioner of IOT

IOT is a great change from the smart world to the smart world. Building an open IOT system platform and an IOT system for industry applications, Langrui technology has gone its own way

in the understanding of Langrui technology, the industrial revolution with IOT as the core is overturning the old business model, and Langrui technology must firmly grasp this trend. In fact, based on the embedded technology accumulated for many years, Langrui technology took the lead in launching mature IOT solutions in many vertical industries and became a loyal practitioner of the IOT industry

Langrui technology has reliable, stable and safe solutions in aquaculture IOT, agricultural IOT, elevator safety IOT, building IOT, etc., and has already had many practical applications

in fact, IOT covers a wide range, but its hardware technology is nothing more than communication, data acquisition and control. Langrui technology has accumulated industrial experience and technology in the past ten years, which is closely related to the core content of IOT. Therefore, Langrui technology itself has inherent advantages in deeply cultivating the vertical industry IOT

at the same time, based on the above-mentioned open enterprise platform, Langrui technology and its partners, working together with the granulator industry, will surely develop rapidly under the common expectation of the general public, integrate and share the advantageous resources of the upstream and downstream whole industry chain, build an industry M2M cloud platform, improve the layout of the perception layer, transmission layer and platform layer of the IOT industry chain, and become a true operator of the IOT industry

ipc embedded Expo fully demonstrates the overall strength of the company

as the saying goes, the fragrance of wine is afraid of the depth of the alley. In modern business society, the display of corporate image and strength is essential. The IPC embedded Expo 2014 will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in August. As a regular guest of the exhibition, Langrui technology will continue to make a full appearance this year to show its strong product portfolio and overall comprehensive strength

as the only large-scale technology exhibition focusing on industrial computer and embedded field in China, industrial computer and embedded system exhibition is an ideal platform to comprehensively display various embedded technologies and their innovative applications in various vertical industries. Last year, we participated in the industrial computer and embedded system exhibition and achieved good results. Cai Gaosheng said

this year, Langrui technology's exhibition content will include eight sections: industrial computer, industrial tablet computer, smart home, agricultural IOT, building link, machine vision, equipment automation, DMS design services

unlike other companies that sell products, in Langrui technology, all tangible products and intangible services focus on the current practical needs of customers. Agricultural IOT, building IOT, smart home, machine vision, etc. are promising industries in the future

therefore, if you want to enjoy various innovative products and solutions of Langrui technology, you might as well visit the booth of Langrui technology at that time

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