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Lang Shen: intelligent customer service robot knowledge base

when enterprises configure intelligent customer service system, they will find that the use of intelligent customer service robot is inseparable from the construction of knowledge base, so what is the significance of knowledge base construction for intelligent customer service robot

with the development and popularization of artificial intelligence technology, there are more and more intelligent customer service system manufacturers in the market. Whether it is the intelligent customer service system of large companies or the intelligent customer service system of start-ups, as long as the system includes robot function, it will contain knowledge base function

the knowledge base of intelligent customer service robot is the soul of intelligent customer service and its vitality. one can't make bricks without straw. If the natural language processing (NLP) ability of intelligent customer service is compared to the kitchen skills of Qiao Fu, then the knowledge base is rice, which is all kinds of materials needed by Qiao Fu to display her kitchen skills. Only by combining materials and cooking skills can we make delicious dishes

the greetings of the robot, the recommendation of common problems and the reply of the robot to the problems when the user talks with the robot in daily life are closely related to the knowledge base, and they all need to be set in the knowledge base before they can be used normally

knowledge base construction is a core configuration for intelligent customer service robots. Without knowledge base, robots can't answer any questions. Robots with richer knowledge bases will also appear more intelligent when communicating with users

when the intelligent customer service robot receives customers in the front end, the knowledge base provides knowledge support for the robot in the background. When the robot makes content recommendations and intelligent Q & A based on customer source information or customer problems, the knowledge base needs to make judgments in the back end to match the corresponding knowledge

the intelligent customer service robot serves at the front end. It has nicknames and avatars. Customers have actual perception of the customer service robot, just like a human body. The knowledge base matches questions in the background, outputs and replies to customers' knowledge, just like human thoughts, so that customers have a sense of intelligence to the robot

the action is sent by the robot, and the customer has no actual feeling about the knowledge base, but the knowledge base is very important for the robot to play a role. Without the knowledge base, the robot is a blank

different from the one-to-one correspondence of human brain and body, a knowledge base can correspond to multiple experimental operations and data processing, which meet the requirements of gb228 (2) 010 "room temperature material metal tensile test method". Robots can partition knowledge and classify knowledge in the knowledge base. The knowledge base can call knowledge of different modules according to different customer service robots

knowledge base precipitation and self-learning according to the requirements

knowledge base construction can not only provide sufficient knowledge for customer service robots to communicate with customers, but also collect the communication information between robots, manual customer service and customers. For example, the customer service robot can collect and learn the dialogue of customer service personnel, and the knowledge base will deposit and retain the dialogue knowledge. When the customer service robot meets the same problem with customers, it can be transferred out of the knowledge base for use

the knowledge base can also retain the unsolved problems of customer service personnel, and fill them into the existing knowledge base after manual customer service intervention. Through this mode, the customer service robot can obtain a certain self-learning ability and achieve a higher level of intelligence

in the development of artificial intelligence ● high strength steel is the mainstay of automotive materials. In order to realize the intellectualization of robots, experts put forward a knowledge base that carries knowledge, and inject ideas into robots through the knowledge base to realize the intellectualization in a real sense

in the working process of the intelligent customer service robot (5) with the stretching amount controlled at about 1%, the knowledge base provides the customer service robot with question and answer knowledge to solve customer problems, so that customers can experience the sense of intelligence. The knowledge base can also collect the question and answer knowledge, unknown problems and other information obtained in the process of precipitation robot service, so that the robot has the ability of self-learning and improvement to achieve a higher level of intelligence

therefore, in the work of intelligent customer service robot, knowledge base is indispensable and needs to be gradually expanded and improved

the biggest feature of langshen intelligent customer service knowledge base is to provide users with full freedom and flexibility in customization and scalability, so as to meet the needs of rich and diverse business scenarios

support scenario based multiple rounds of dialogue, support customization of special words, sensitive words, etc., support rich and colorful rich text presentation methods, support excel batch import, page creation, self-learning to provide chat, industry general knowledge base to provide visual presentation methods such as knowledge map, etc. at the same time, through knowledge map and knowledge self-learning to find problems in the knowledge system, and supplement and enhance knowledge, Let the knowledge base continue to improve and evolve. To put it more directly, there is no end to the maintenance and optimization of knowledge base, which is always on the road and needs continuous improvement and evolution

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