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LANXESS: provide sustainable coloring solutions for the plastic industry

in the future, LANXESS will continue to expand its business in China

the world's leading producer of iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments and special chemicals group will participate in the 2013 China rubber and plastic exhibition held in Guangzhou, China, from May 20 to 23, and show its sustainable solutions

LANXESS inorganic pigments are produced according to the highest environmental standards, providing sustainable solutions for all applications. The world-renowned Bayer Lok and colortherm brand pigments are famous for their excellent color consistency, high color intensity, unparalleled lightfastness and weatherability

Langsheng inorganic pigment business department provides pigments with excellent heat resistance for the plastic industry. In addition, LANXESS uses special technology to avoid the change of hue of these pigments even in the process of high-temperature and high-intensity grinding, crushing or dispersion. Bayer and colortherm pigments are preferred for all high temperature applications, including the plastic industry

new iron oxide red pigment plant in China

LANXESS has announced that it will build a new high-tech production plant in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone (npedz) located on the eastern coast of China for the production of iron oxide red pigments. The investment of the project is 55million euros, and the initial annual production capacity will reach 25000 metric tons

this new plant meets the highest environmental requirements and will use the most advanced and sustainable pennimanred process to produce high-quality iron oxide red pigments

The new factory will further enrich our existing product line and expand our global production network. With our innovative high-quality products, LANXESS can serve the growing market demand in China and even the world. Wolfgangoehlert, vice president of inorganic pigment business in Asia Pacific, said

the plant will start construction in the second quarter of 2013 and is planned to be put into production in the first quarter of 2015. The inorganic pigment business department will sell the unique yellowish iron oxide red pigment produced by this factory to the world with the world-renowned brands of Bayer Lok and colortherm

provide the plastic industry with a wealth of sustainable coloring products

LANXESS has a rich product portfolio, which can meet the latest color trends in the plastic industry. The Bayer and colortherm red series of inorganic pigment business department presents a unique red, covering a rich hue from yellowish to obviously bluish. The iron oxide red pigment factory to be built in Ningbo will further enrich Langsheng's product series

in addition to the red series, LANXESS will also display the yellow, black and brown pigments of the high-performance colortherm series, which is specially developed for high-temperature applications and shows unparalleled color stability during plastic extrusion. Langsheng's colortherm yellow series is composed of unique yellow iron oxide pigments with high color saturation. Due to the special heat-resistant treatment, it can be applied to all kinds of plastics. Take the colortherm30 product as an example. It is a yellowish brown pigment, which can withstand up to 300 photos. It also invested in an offshore wind power facility with a high temperature of degrees Celsius

our high-performance inorganic pigments have tight tolerance for hue and tinting power. When preparing color masterbatch, this advantage makes color reproduction faster, more convenient, more reliable and more energy-saving, so as to minimize the workload of color matching. These industry-leading advantages provide decisive advantages for customers in LANXESS plastic industry

whether in China or around the world, more and more customers, especially intelligent manufacturing and Internet + are turning to environmental friendly and sustainable products and solutions, so the demand for high-performance pigments is increasing day by day. Langsheng is committed to providing value-added solutions for our customers with the most advanced technology, environmental protection production technology and innovative products, and making contributions to sustainable development. All factories are operating at full capacity to ensure reliable supply throughout the year. Yu Wenguang said

LANXESS' inorganic pigment business department has a global annual production capacity of more than 350000 metric tons, and is one of the world's leading producers of iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments. The center of LANXESS' global production network is located in krefsolvay, Germany (the latest stabilizer product launched by krefsolvay company is cyasorbcyxtrav9900eld Uerdingen). The business department is subordinate to LANXESS high performance chemicals, with nearly 1500 employees

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