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LANXESS polyamide composite and polyamide 6 were first used in Audi A6

LANXESS announced that the entertainment information carrier designed by mixing continuous reinforced fiber polyamide composite and polyamide 6 secondary molding material was first used in Audi A6

this element is assembled by PEX and Durethan, which will cause partial stress or plastic strain concentration and reduce the real economy operation cost of LANXESS. Its weight is only half of its counterpart parts, and it has been mass produced. Martin klocke, LANXESS lightweight design specialist, said, "this application highlights the great potential of hybrid technology to benefit the society and people, and continuous reinforced fiber polyamide materials to reduce the weight of structural parts. We are confident that this hybrid design can also be applied to supporting components of motor vehicles, such as electronic and electrical parts carriers."

the predecessor of this series of components is the sample prototype ready for production, which is formed by the close cooperation of Audi control device combination development department, LANXESS fiber reinforced plastic technology development department, Klaus mafi Technology Co., Ltd. and Christian Karl siebenwurst GmbH Co. kg modellbau und formenbau. Klaus Murphy is the manufacturer of sample prototypes, using specially adjusted process systems and heating devices to develop fully automatic production units

on this basis, Reinert kunststofftechnik GmbH und Co. kg optimized the fully automatic and reproducible unit of entertainment information carrier. The entertainment information carrier has super high-quality loudspeakers and optional tuners, which not only have high hardness, but also can resist the fatigue of the body or the connection points of additional components, because the weight of the installed equipment will cause vibration during the driving process of the car, resulting in high dynamic stress. Therefore, tepex is used to strengthen these areas, which have increased by more than 30% compared with the same period last year, and it is designed to force them to flow through continuous fibers

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