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Langfang Packaging Equipment Corporation promotes new products

recently, Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing corporation showed the newly developed "cp50a-pet bottle automatic two-step two-way stretch blow molding machine" to relevant users, which was well received

the machine is a product independently developed by Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing corporation. It is a two-step one out four full-automatic biaxial stretching bottle blowing machine for pet. In the development and production process of the machine, the most cutting-edge machinery, electronics, electrical, chemical and other science and technology in the blow molding industry are widely used. For example, the breakthrough design reduces the overall size of machinery and molds; The next step for the unitization and connection of various devices will be how to make the product widely used and the problems that should be paid attention to when the Department of advanced molecular science of Fudan University participates in the installation of the chemical design hydraulic universal testing machine, which simplifies the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment and reduces the operation cost for customers; The highly automatic design makes the whole production process of bottle making automatically completed by three sets of manipulators, so as to ensure the stable completion of high-speed operation. The machine can process PET bottles with different capacities and can be widely used in beverage packaging industry

after the identification of relevant experts, it is believed that the processed pet bottles have all met the national technical index requirements for soft drink packaging products, and the performance of the equipment is at the advanced level of the same industry in China

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