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LANXESS launched iron oxide products suitable for new printers

in order to meet the needs of the latest generation of laser printers for chemical toner, LANXESS, a German special chemicals group, recently developed a new iron oxide product. This new product, called bayoxideetplxs5248, not only has strong coloring power, high fluidity, extremely uniform particle distribution, but also has soft magnetic properties, which is a powerful guarantee for the quality and quantity of chemical toner printing

bayoxideetplxs5248 is produced by LANXESS inorganic pigment business department (IPG). This department is one of the largest producers of iron oxide pigments in the world. It not only provides widely used products for many industries, but also provides a comprehensive solution for the toner industry

LANXESS Asia Pacific selectively launched this new oxidation product in some countries. In 2008, this oxidation product entered the Japanese market for the first time, and won a remarkable market share for ease of use. In view of the strong performance of the new printer in the market, the demand prospect of this oxidation product is very bright

Dr. wolfgangoehlert, President of LANXESS Asia Pacific inorganic pigment business department and general manager of LANXESS Shanghai Pigment Co., Ltd., said: "The excellent performance of this new oxide is highlighted in the following two aspects. First, it meets the needs of modern toner production technology. Second, it meets the strict requirements for toner performance of most asset printing equipment of alloy polymers acquired by RTP Co., a modern engineering resin manufacturer, which is superior to the traditional displacement retention method."

the new toner can use low output power laser deposition to implement high-intensity deposition production method - in the past, people extruded synthetic resins containing iron oxide, and then ultra-fine grinding to obtain finished products; Today, producers will carry out suspension polymerization of organic individuals with pigments to make a new generation of toner

strict toner requirements - except for thermoplastic resin, magnetic single component toner contains an average of 30% to 60% black iron oxide pigment. For the new generation of laser printers, the uniformity of toner particles is the basic guarantee to achieve the best imaging effect. Toner particles should not only have similar sizes, but also their magnetic and charged properties should remain stable after fine adjustment, especially not affected by humidity. In addition, the standard color is also very important for toner: the dark black tone based on elegant blue is the most popular color at present. In order to meet all the above requirements, iron oxide must be crystallized under strict control

in the process of electrophotographic printing, modern laser printers and copiers use the magnetism of toner particles to complete the particle transportation in the equipment. The latest generation of printing equipment generally uses toner polymerized by chemical method, but these new machines are compatible with toner generated by mechanical method based on bayoxideetplxs5248

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