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Recently, with the project of "development and industrialization of dual-use ultra-high pressure oxygen and hydrogen special valves", Langao group participated in the first dual-use technology innovation and application competition in Lanzhou, hosted by the office of the military civilian integration development committee of the CPC Lanzhou Municipal Committee and the Lanzhou Bureau of industry and information technology, With the project of "development and industrialization of special valves for military and civil use extremely high pressure oxygen and hydrogen", Langao group participated in the first Lanzhou military and civil use technology innovation and application competition hosted by the office of the military and civil Integration Development Committee of the CPC Lanzhou Municipal Committee and the Lanzhou Bureau of industry and information technology. After the preliminary review, the two ends of the material samples were generally clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them, and won the first prize of this competition

as the only national high-tech enterprise in the domestic valve industry that gives priority to obtaining the qualification of "military weapons and equipment procurement information". Since 2009, Langao group has actively implemented the military civilian integration strategy. After 12 years of arduous efforts, Langao valve has gradually established a complete system of quality, confidentiality, technology, management and other systems in the field of military civilian integration, and has obtained various military industrial qualifications, laying the foundation for the development of military civilian integration business

focusing on military and civil integration businesses such as military industry and aerospace, Langao valve adheres to innovation driven, project driven, talent driven, through innovation to solve development problems, cultivate new products, constantly inject new momentum into development, and promote the company's high-quality development

has successively undertaken the research and production tasks of many national major projects valves, and many products have filled the technical gap of "substituting the country for the advancement" in the valve industry, forming a complete set of solutions and product systems, including dual-use ultra-high pressure oxygen and hydrogen special valves, and contributing to the construction of a national strategic system of military civilian integration

★ plan as a whole, extend the industrial value chain

★ seize the opportunity of military civilian integration development, continue to consolidate and expand its own technological leadership in the R & D, design and manufacturing of "three high, three super and one large" valves, plan the implementation plan of military civilian integration as a whole, and actively cooperate with the Institute of mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Institute of aerospace dynamics, Beijing Long March Aircraft Research Institute The PLA Academy of Military Sciences and other relevant units have cooperated with each other to carry out key technology research, promoting the two-way technology transformation of military civilian integration, and injecting new momentum into the development of enterprises

★ innovation driven, enhance core competitiveness

★ organically combine the military civilian integration strategy and innovation driven strategy, actively carry out scientific and technological research on "specialized, refined, special and new" products, break through the technical monopoly and blockade of western countries on China's ultra-high pressure valves, and obtain a number of independent intellectual property rights in the field of product development such as extremely high pressure oxygen valves, millisecond high-pressure quick valves, valves for high-pressure hydrogenation devices, etc, The performance of oxygen valves and other products has reached the world's highest pressure, largest diameter and fastest opening speed. The company is recognized as a national enterprise technology center, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and a national pilot enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization

★ project driven, gain good reputation from users

★ in the process of military civilian integration development, actively and steadily build an ecosystem of "military civilian integration, military oriented, people-oriented, and mutual promotion". In terms of "people joining the army", we insist on obtaining user satisfaction with project implementation and product quality. We are not only rated as "reasonable design, flexible operation, reliable operation and high safety" by customers in the "user opinion report", but also awarded the company a banner of "Lango valve, helping aerospace" and a thank-you medal for helping the customer project win the second prize of the National Invention Award. More than 40% of new residential buildings use plastic doors and windows; Plastic windows are used in more than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian

in terms of "military to civilian conversion", we have expanded the civil petrochemical market around core technologies. A typical case is that when the 200000 cubic meters of coal hydrogen production project of Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical failed to select Flowserve to produce oxygen valves, languor valve decisively undertook the project with the solid technical foundation accumulated for many years, and completed the whole process of production from drawing design to casting, processing and assembly to delivery in only more than 40 days. Therefore, Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd. presented the banner of "high pressure oxygen valve made in China for the first time, safety belt is an indispensable part of the car on the 40th, and it is urgently needed by the enterprise"

★ talents strengthen the enterprise and stimulate innovation and creativity

★ innovation is the first driving force and talents are the first resource. During the development of Langao group, adhering to the talent concept of "people-oriented and culture first", Langao group now has 15 senior titles, 98 intermediate titles, and 3 provincial and ministerial experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council

focus on the key core technology research of military civilian integration. Under the leadership of innovation technology leaders such as Le essence, Zhang Lin and Dong Xia, we will take the means of "recruiting talents and exposing talents" and "passing on help and guidance" to build a core team of three generations of experts, explore and practice the working mode of "project leader" and "joint research", strengthen the research of major key technologies, and build an independent innovation technology platform for Langao group enterprises

in terms of achievement transformation, it has successfully applied for 125 national patents for new products, presided over and drafted 41 national and industrial standards, and has won many awards, such as the winner of the China advanced technology transformation and application competition, the China machinery industry science and Technology Award and the scientific and Technological Progress Award

courage comes from difficulties, and success comes from honing. Langao group will actively grasp the strategic opportunity period during the "14th five year plan" period, implement the bdi800 l 36 strategy of military civilian integration in-depth development with new patterns, new ideas and new strategies, take value creation as the orientation, work hard, forge ahead, help implement made in China 2025, and welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent achievements

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