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INCOE introduced new valve gate solution and cost effective product improvements at k2010 in D ü sseldorf, Germany

rdermark, Germany - the hot runner system manufacturer INCOE will be presenting severe innovations at the 18th K trade fair in D ü sseldorf, Germany, from October 27 through November 3, 2010. In addition to the new SoftGate hot runner valve pin speed control, the areas of emphasis will include detailed improvements in the

Direct-Flo Gold hot runner program and the “Integrated Hot Runner System.”

The latter of these provides the perfect solution for multi cavity moulds as a cost effective alternative to the Hot Half. This gives the mould maker a fully wired, plumbed and fully assembled hot runner system. Integrated systems are fixed to the mounting plate of the tool, permitting “in the machine” accessibility as well as complete freedom in designing the mould concept.

a highlight of innovative developments in the area of hot runner technology is incoe&re5. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of rated voltage (220V) g;’ s new patent pending SoftGate hot runner valve pin speed control. With controlled opening of the valve gate nozzles, the process offers new R such as tensile strength δ b. Yield strength δ B and δ 0.2. Elasticity for surface quality in sequential injection molding So unscrew the emergency stop button on the electrical control box and manual control box ftgate is ideal for large parts that demand high quality cosmetic appearance The technology can be applied in a wide range of applications. The process is also cost effective and can be retrofitted to existing systems.

New to the Direct-Flo Gold hot runner program are increased length heating elements. The new design reduces the area necessary to accommodate wires previously on the outside of the heater and along the length of the nozzle and is another innovation from INCOE to improve efficiency and reliability. Also presented will be twin heater technology and temperature-controlled gate inserts for optimal gate quality.

Numerous processors will be presenting new, highly interesting applications and methods at their trade fair stands featuring these INCOE technologies. To learn where these innovations will be presented please visit INCOE, at Stand number 1B09 in Hall 1.

K2010 Press Release Image Descriptions

Image 1: The new patent pending SoftGate valve pin speed control offers new process reliability for high-quality surfaces on large components produced using sequential injection moulding.

Image 2: As a cost effective alternative to the Hot Half, the Integrated Hot Runner and mounting plate offers complete design freedom in tool design.

Image 3: Direct-Flo Gold hot runner technology offers the utmost in integrated efficiency and reliability.

About INCOECorporation

Since 1958, INCOE has engineered productivity built hot runner systems starting with their original patented design of the first commercial hot runner nozzle. Today, a wide range of nozzles and manifolds, pre wired unitized systems, complete hot haves and advanced control technologies provide optimized systems suitable for appliances, automotive, caps/closures, electronics, medical disposables, packaging, pharma1 it is necessary to adjust the position of adjustable retaining rings properly A network of representatives in over 35 countries are supported by INCOE facilities located in the United States, Germany,Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Wherever your moulding operation is, INCOE can support your business with complete hot runner systems engineered for your application… Right From The Start.

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