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Independent innovation is not in the hands of winter, but spring editor's note: at the beginning of 2009, the chilling atmosphere caused by the financial crisis has not yet dissipated. For Yanxiang intelligent technology, the leading enterprise in China's special computer industry, 2009-2010 is a good time for it to make a big show in the overseas market

while many enterprises are struggling to survive in the cracks caused by the financial crisis, some enterprises have stepped out of the path of independent innovation.

at the beginning of 2009, the chilling atmosphere caused by the financial crisis has not yet dissipated. For Yanxiang intelligent technology, the leading enterprise in China's special computer industry, 2009-2010 is a good time for it to make a big show in the overseas market. This year, Yanxiang will set up 10 branches around the world. For the development of the company, vice president fan Xiaoning is full of confidence: "the performance is very optimistic." For Yanxiang, where is such a situation going through the "economic winter" under the financial crisis? It is clearly experiencing a "warm spring" full of vitality

"special computer" may be an unfamiliar term, but people can't live without the special computer produced by Yanxiang. Take driving as an example. Every PetroChina and Sinopec gas station that citizens drive to work requires two special computers to control the oil circuit and charging system; Citizens accidentally ran the red light when driving. The real-time system that records violations is also a special computer developed by Yanxiang; When citizens take the subway, their ticket selling system and automatic control system also use Yanxiang special computer; If citizens want to withdraw some cash from ATM machines, 70% of domestic ATM machines currently use computer cores produced by Yanxiang. In addition, the core control machines of large-scale automation key equipment commonly seen in our daily life are mostly produced by Yanxiang

defeating strong enemies depends on real Kung Fu

Yanxiang has made remarkable achievements in the field of special computer and industrial computer manufacturing, ranking first in China and third in the world respectively. Chenzhilie, chairman of Yanxiang, said proudly, "in so many industries in China, there is no industry that has not used Yanxiang's industrial computers." If the financial crisis is a tsunami, Yanxiang is a needle to calm the sea. It stands firm under the strong winds and waves, and its performance is rising. In the financial report for the third quarter of 2008 released by Yanxiang, the company's revenue in the first nine months of 2008 was 771million yuan, an increase of about 150% over the same period last year

the magic weapon of winning lies in having independent innovation technology. Yanxiang was founded in 1993. As early as the stage of starting from scratch, research and development is the focus of Yanxiang's enterprise development. All the first pot of gold obtained by Yanxiang through acting as an industrial control product has been invested in technology research and development. From agency to independent research and development, and then to becoming the main member of the drafting group of the national standard for microcomputer industry in China, 12 of the 20 standards are mainly drafted by Yanxiang. Today, the overall technology of Yanxiang has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level, and some product technologies have reached the international leading level. According to Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Yanxiang group, the applicability of Yanxiang's special computer products in the market remains above 90% every year, and many products have independent pricing rights in the world

it can be said that without independent innovation, there is no way to talk about enterprise competitiveness. Yanxiang Institute accepts orders with a 20% reduction in the subsidy standard in 2017 (2) and 2018. More than 80% of the orders must be customized according to the different requirements of customers. Without excellent technical reserves, Yanxiang will have no confidence to accept the test of different requirements and will not be able to compete with other strong enemies in the international market. When competing with Dutch enterprises for a product order of tens of millions of dollars for the operation of all aluminum body pure electric buses by two Shanghai Songjiang District bus companies, Yanxiang defeated its strong enemies by relying on its leading technical level and won the production order of network platform equipment used by schools all over Europe

the financial crisis has brought benefits

domestic labor-intensive enterprises are the most affected by the financial crisis. Due to the technological innovation and R & D strength of Yanxiang, the financial crisis not only did not bring a blow to it, but also brought good news to Yanxiang. In terms of export, due to sufficient market research in the early stage, Yanxiang successfully avoided risks in the choice of overseas markets. Yanxiang's overseas market layout focuses on countries and regions such as the Middle East, Russia, India and Israel. As an 80% incremental market in the world, these regions have a huge demand for special computer products, and have not been affected by the depreciation of the US dollar

in terms of investment, a large part of the government's 4trillion investment in stimulating the economy is invested in railways, subways, highways and government infrastructure investment. It is the industry in which Yanxiang's special computers show their strength that takes the lead in developing some successful fields. According to reports, of the 10 measures taken by the government to stimulate the economy, at least 6 have directly brought new business impact to Yanxiang. For example, many special computer products are used in the construction of rural power facilities, environmental protection and ecological construction, post earthquake reconstruction projects, as well as on-board monitoring, AFC system, access control system, etc. used in urban rail projects

we are committed to becoming the world's No. 1

at present, 90% of the revenue of Yanxiang comes from the domestic market. Since 2007, when Yanxiang officially went abroad to explore overseas markets, it has bucked the trend in this round of financial turmoil sweeping the world, and its next goal is to become the world's number one in the industry by 2017. For the future, Yanxiang people who hold the magic weapon of "independent innovation" are not afraid. Chen Zhilie said that in the next two to three years, confirmed orders will range from 1billion yuan to 2billion yuan; Through mass ordering, the gross profit margin of the company can also be increased. In terms of international business expansion, Yanxiang will be committed to the growth industries such as network information security, financial monitoring, energy exploration, and the development of overseas markets will focus on Central Asia, North America and other regions. Under the circumstance that the economic downturn has become a universal fact, only the real industry that truly grasps the technology patents and core competitiveness can show its unique survival energy under the impact of the financial crisis

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