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The incremental distribution reform has entered the stage of accelerated implementation

not long ago, the state intensively issued two policies to inject two injections of "cardiotonic" into the incremental distribution reform, and the production equipment is sophisticated. On December 19, 2018, the application for the fourth batch of pilot projects was launched. On the basis of basically realizing the full coverage of cities above the prefecture level, the pilot projects will be extended to counties. On January 7, 2019, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the notice on further promoting the reform of incremental distribution business. The document broadened the scope of incremental distribution reform, clarified the requirements for the verification and merger of incremental distribution prices, and further improved the policy system of incremental distribution reform. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China also comprehensively carried out the research and supervision of incremental distribution reform in November 2018, and actively promoted the implementation of the pilot of incremental distribution business reform

in 2019, the incremental distribution reform will usher in a new chapter and enter the stage of accelerated implementation

the liberalization of incremental distribution

has led to new business forms and new changes

with the accelerated implementation of incremental distribution reform, a number of market-oriented power distribution companies will be established. As the end of electricity, power distribution is directly connected to thousands of households, and power distribution companies will master a large number of customer resources. "Customers are the primary productive forces". With the advancement of Internet +, artificial intelligence and other technologies, in-depth exploration of the value of customers and continuous innovation of business models are the development direction of power distribution companies in the future. In the future, power distribution companies will not only supply power to customers, but also expand the profit space and promote the innovative development of power distribution by innovating business models, mining value-added services, integrated energy services and other businesses. For example, we can organically combine incremental power distribution with new elements and new business forms such as distributed energy and comprehensive energy services, provide flexible, diverse and timely power supply services around the needs of users in the park, expand the planning, construction, operation and management of heating, water supply, gas and other infrastructure within the industrial C punch and die diameter Industry Park, provide comprehensive energy services, extend the business value chain, and improve operating profits

the diversification of investors will also spark new sparks in the field of power distribution. At present, under the background of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, power companies, local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises will cooperate to jointly establish incremental distribution companies to achieve a win-win situation. First of all, the mixed ownership incremental distribution company can give full play to the technical and management advantages of power enterprises, effectively reduce power supply costs and investment risks, and also has the advantage of social capital flexibility. Secondly, the cooperation between social capital and state-owned assets can enlarge the function of state-owned capital, promote power enterprises to further improve operational efficiency, and achieve the common goal of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises and power reform

in the future, new technology formats and new business ecosystems on the distribution side will promote the cross integration between different industries and different capital. Diversified integration has become an important development trend

distribution companies

need to have five capabilities

with the promotion of the pilot work, incremental distribution companies will gradually enter the substantive operation stage. How to remain invincible in the market competition and expand profit space on the basis of ensuring the safe and stable power supply of users requires a certain degree of market competitiveness, professional operation and maintenance capabilities, customer service capabilities, business development capabilities and regulatory adaptability

market competitiveness. Incremental distribution business is not only a regulated business, but also has many market-oriented characteristics, including price competition in bidding, inter regional scale competition in operation, and competition to carry out market-oriented business. Power distribution companies should adhere to market-oriented and standardized operation. Marketization means that as an independent legal person, it operates independently and is responsible for its own profits and losses in a market-oriented manner. Standardization refers to the establishment of a scientific and standardized modern enterprise system, which operates in strict accordance with the articles of association. Different investors jointly participate in enterprise governance through the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and other forms to achieve standardized operation, and continuously improve the distribution operation efficiency and power supply service level through improving quality and efficiency in the power distribution link. In the process of selling electricity, we should improve customer service ability by expanding market-oriented business

after participating in the spot market, it also needs to have the ability of market bidding

professional operation and maintenance ability. Power distribution companies need to have professional experience in distribution operation and maintenance, comply with unified technical and service standards in construction, operation inspection, marketing and other business operations, and ensure the safe operation and high-quality service of large power. During the pilot bidding, there are complex and strict technical standards. Specifically, it involves the technical requirements of project construction, the reliability requirements of power supply, the technical specification requirements of power supply facilities, the emergency support ability of the project owner, the power supply service ability of the project owner, etc., and the access threshold is high. The entrusted operation can be carried out in a market-oriented way. At the initial stage of operation, restricted by personnel and qualifications, power distribution companies can entrust distribution related businesses to operate in a market-oriented manner, reduce their own operating costs, solve the problems of insufficient technology and experience, and make the best use of existing resources to ensure the smooth start of distribution business

customer service capability. Power distribution companies need to provide users with high-quality power supply services, vigorously explore the market, actively strive for large users, strengthen customer relationship management capabilities, establish a stable supply-demand relationship, and improve customer satisfaction. Improve quality and efficiency through advanced technology and reduce power distribution costs. For example, tap the potential of non metering functions of smart meters and predict faults; User phase identification based on big data analysis to prevent voltage quality events such as low voltage or overvoltage, single-phase line overload or transformer overload, etc. Actively participate in the market-oriented power sales business and implement flexible market strategies. According to the prediction of customer load scale, combined with the research and judgment of supply and demand situation and price trend, power purchase decisions are made. Considering the characteristics of user attributes, electricity consumption behavior, price elasticity and stability, set the electricity sales package plan reasonably

business development ability. In order to fully take the initiative and develop continuously in the pattern of multi-party participation, power distribution companies must, on the basis of strengthening the quality and efficiency of traditional distribution business, cultivate the ability to explore emerging business markets, build a shared service platform linked by energy, and build an energy win-win ecosystem centered on electricity

adapt to the regulation of ACR foaming processing aids 5.0~8.0 capacity. In the process of operation, power distribution companies need to adhere to the law and compliance, study the regulatory requirements of the government for incremental distribution business, and put forward countermeasures for enterprises to meet the requirements of scientific regulation in combination with reality, so as to standardize internal management. We will resolutely abide by relevant policies and regulations and operate in accordance with the law. Power generation enterprises and their capital shall not participate in the investment and construction of special lines for power plants to directly supply power to users, nor shall they participate in the investment and construction of special lines for power plants to connect with the incremental distribution networks they participate in. It is forbidden to turn public power plants into self owned power plants, etc. Perform relevant obligations equally according to responsibilities and rights. When investing in incremental distribution business and taking charge of operation and management, social capital should abide by relevant national technical specifications and standards, and fulfill the obligations of safe and reliable power supply, minimum power supply and universal social services while obtaining reasonable investment income

incremental distribution reform

the key element of the next step

cognitive level - seeking common ground while reserving differences, and coordinating the interests of all parties

the incremental distribution reform involves many subjects, such as the central government, local governments, power enterprises, all kinds of investors, and is more complex. All parties in the society should strengthen communication, seek common ground while reserving differences, promote the development of power distribution and the improvement of power distribution management through promoting reform, stimulate the vitality of private capital, and help the development of the real economy

the CRU research of the local government mainly explores the effective way of capital investment in incremental distribution business, and avoids taking the reform pilot as a means to create electricity price depressions and attract investment. At the same time, adhere to standardized operation, and do a good job in conflict mediation and pilot supervision

all kinds of investors should strengthen preliminary research and demonstration, rationally invest in incremental distribution projects, develop and operate in a market-oriented manner, and avoid project losses

power enterprises should actively cooperate with governments at all levels to do a good job in incremental distribution reform, speed up the construction of higher-level power, and provide and serve fairly, high-quality and efficiently

planning level - unified planning to ensure the orderly implementation of the project

planning plays a leading role in incremental distribution business, and unified planning is the cornerstone to ensure power safety and operation efficiency. The administrative measures for orderly liberalization of distribution business requires that incremental distribution should comply with the provincial distribution planning to ensure that the incremental distribution business conforms to the national power development strategy, industrial policies and the requirements of market players for power distribution

the pilot project has many power planning subjects, so it is necessary to strengthen the coordination with the provincial power planning. It is suggested that the provincial energy department should strengthen unified planning, give full play to the natural monopoly attribute of power distribution, entrust qualified units to prepare power planning, which should be reviewed and approved by the provincial energy department, and the project owner should build incremental power distribution after the project is approved according to the planning

technical level - regulate standards to ensure electrical safety and quality

with the innovation and progress of technology, the construction and operation standards of power distribution in China are further improved. It is necessary to standardize the technical standards of incremental power distribution as soon as possible to ensure power safety and quality. At present, most provinces have not stipulated the technical standards for the distribution construction of pilot projects. If there are differences in the technical standards for incremental distribution construction, it is easy to cause problems such as easy failure, insecurity, difficult scheduling, high cost, etc. after connecting to the main power grid, and it is difficult to guarantee the electrical safety and power supply reliability. It is suggested that the competent government departments should standardize the relevant standards of distribution technology as soon as possible to resolve the quality and safety risks of distribution

supervision level - strengthen supervision and escort the reform work

after the incremental distribution reform, the diversification of distribution investment subjects, property rights and operators has significantly increased the difficulty of supervision. It is necessary to further strengthen supervision to escort the reform work. The incremental distribution reform has introduced new contents for power regulation, including the access and exit of investment subjects, the fairness of project bidding, the implementation of technical standards and price mechanism, the credit evaluation of power distribution subjects, the implementation of minimum power supply services, distribution operations, etc. It is suggested that while promoting the pilot work, the regulatory authorities should constantly improve laws and regulations, strengthen supervision, enrich the contents and means of supervision, ensure the standardized implementation of the work at all stages of incremental distribution projects, and ensure the safe and stable power supply of users

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