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Increase the standard "hard constraint" to escort the green packaging of express delivery

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recently, the State Administration of market supervision and other eight departments jointly issued the "guiding opinions on strengthening the standardization of green packaging of express delivery", which makes a comprehensive deployment for the standardization of green packaging of express delivery in China, which can automatically control the experimental process in the next three years. In the next three years, China will accelerate the standardization of green packaging for express delivery, accelerate the transformation of relevant achievements of new materials, new technologies and new products for express packaging into standards, and constantly improve the management system of green packaging for express delivery that coordinates standards with laws and policies

under the condition that a comprehensive recycling system has not been established for express waste, problems such as excessive packaging, low recycling rate of packaging, and overflow of express waste have become increasingly prominent. It is estimated that China's express delivery industry produces more than 9million tons of paper waste and about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, with a rapid growth trend. Express packaging has gradually become an important "killer" threatening environmental safety

therefore, strengthening the standardization of green packaging of express delivery and supporting the proper solution of the pollution problem of express packaging have become the internal requirements and inevitable requirements of the transformation and upgrading of the industry and sustainable development. In recent years, in view of the non-standard problem of green packaging and recycling in the express industry, relevant national departments have successively issued many regulations, such as the implementation plan for promoting green packaging in the express industry, the guiding opinions on promoting green packaging in the express industry in a coordinated manner when accelerating the forming cycle, and issued 291 national standards such as "express packaging supplies". However, there are still some difficulties at the specific operation level. Some regulations are subject to cost and efficiency, and enterprises' enthusiasm for green development is not high. The guidance of the eight departments closely follows the requirements of "greening, reduction and recycling" of express packaging governance, and proposes to strive to comprehensively establish a binding express green packaging standard system by 2022, gradually improve the express green packaging governance system that coordinates standards with laws and policies, and lists eight key tasks in four aspects: standard system optimization, key standard development, standard implementation supervision, and standard internationalization. From these key tasks, it is not difficult to see that the contents fully reflect the thinking of "one game of chess" with an overall focus and the linkage between up and down in paying attention to the development and changes of the industry in different periods of time and highlighting the connection between various links

the guidance not only reflects the consistency of standardization work in time, but also reflects the integrity of the system and the coordination of work links, but also reflects the interaction between the use of standards and laws and regulations. The guidance proposes to upgrade the green packaging standard system of express delivery, which reflects the progress of standardization and will try to reduce the lag of standard formulation in time. The guiding opinions put forward the scientific reconstruction of the standard system to make the system more complete. Incorporating the implementation of green packaging standards for express delivery into the supervision of express delivery, e-commerce and other industries and the national pilot evaluation of "waste free cities" will also effectively improve the enthusiasm of express delivery enterprises to use standards and enhance the binding force of standards

the "green packaging standardization" of express delivery is an inevitable requirement for the sustainable development of the express industry. Of course, promoting the standardization of express delivery lies not only in formulating standards, but also in implementing standards. With the standard, the relevant departments can establish and improve the supervision system and establish the tracking system of express packaging supplies in all links such as raising, circulation and use of the control cabinet from the oil drain at the back of the production oil tank

in addition, the author believes that implementing the "green packaging standardization" of express delivery may not be a problem technically, and the biggest obstacle is the cost. Therefore, in addition to implementing the supervision system, all localities should also find ways to provide appropriate subsidies to the enterprises and express delivery enterprises that produce these packaging materials, and impose a ceiling on the price of these materials. We should start tax burden adjustment and force non green packaging materials to withdraw from the market as soon as possible

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