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The energy cooperation between China and Russia increased by 10million tons of crude oil and 3million tons of natural gas

the energy cooperation between China and Russia increased by 10million tons of crude oil and 3million tons of natural gas

November 4, 2013

[Chinese paint information after cooling] on October 22, Russia was mainly composed of frame, ball screw, upper beam, middle beam and workbench. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev paid a two-day official visit to China, And attended the 18th meeting of Chinese and Russian prime ministers. During the meeting, the two sides signed 21 cooperation documents, and increased supply of crude oil, gas price negotiations and technical cooperation became important topics. p> Medvedev also said that Russia and China have broad common interests, and Russia is willing to actively and pragmatically promote exchanges and cooperation with China in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, energy and so on

On the 22nd, Rosneft and Sinopec signed an oil contract worth 85billion US dollars, which will supply 10million tons of crude oil to China every year in the next 10 years; Novak of Russia and PetroChina reached a consensus on the basic terms of the Yamal LNG sales contract introduced by Zhang Jianmin, director of Neurosurgery of Zhejiang 2 hospital, and agreed to supply 3million tons of gas per year for 15 consecutive years

Medvedev said that the $85billion oil contract is a huge figure for any country, "which shows that Russia China cooperation has reached a new and higher level"

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also said that 2013 was a "breakthrough year" in Russia China energy cooperation, and the cooperation between the two sides in the oil and gas field will continue to deepen in the future

it is reported that 15.0 Russia and China will jointly establish a Tianjin refinery with an annual processing capacity of 16million tons. The refinery will be put into operation from 2019 to 2020. Li Fenglin, the former ambassador to Russia, pointed out that the two sides have now extended the field of cooperation to the downstream, marking the innovation of the Sino Russian energy cooperation model

as for the cooperation between China and Russia in the field of natural gas, Medvedev said that the two sides have basically agreed on the gas supply price formula. "Although this issue is relatively complex, we will soon reach a consensus to transmit gas to China through the pipeline as soon as possible."

in this regard, Novak revealed: "Gazprom and PetroChina have basically reached an agreement on the price formula of gas supply to China. At present, the two sides are discussing some specific details and gas supply technology issues. It is estimated that the annual gas supply through the eastern pipeline can reach 38billion cubic meters. If a contract can be signed this year, gas supply can be achieved from 2018 to 2020."

Andrey Denisov, Russian ambassador to China, said that Chinese and Russian companies were negotiating on the practical operation of the East pipeline gas supply agreement. This is a huge and complex project, which needs careful study and balancing the interests of both sides, but the work is constantly making progress. In September, the two sides reached an agreement on the basic conditions of gas supply, and the next step is to sign a natural gas sales contract

in addition, Medvedev also said that Russia is willing to participate in the construction of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Units 5, 6, 7 and 8, and is also willing to participate in nuclear power plant construction cooperation projects in other regions of China. The enterprises of the two countries also signed a memorandum of cooperation on the joint construction of thermal power stations and hydropower stations

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