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Inclination sensor technology has opened a new chapter, and the market presents seven development trends

with the development of China's science and technology, more and more R & D personnel are engaged in the research and development of inclination sensor, and China's inclination sensor technology has taken a new step, presenting seven development trends in the market at present

compared with other sensors, the number of inclination sensors is small, and the field of science and technology is advanced, so the price is higher. In previous years, most of the sensors needed in China's market were imported from foreign countries, but the price is high, so the cost of equipment is higher. With the development of China's science and technology, more and more researchers are engaged in the research and development of inclination sensors, resulting in a new step in China's inclination sensor technology, Since 2005, China has needed 100 million direct sensors. Today, the demand for inclination sensors has increased by 21% every year to 1.4 billion. It can be seen that the inclination sensor has infinite potential in the Chinese market

first, using the newly discovered phenomena and effects

inclination sensor is originally made based on a series of effects. At present, there are many effects applied, such as piezoelectric effect, piezoresistive effect, etc., and some effects are unknown to us, waiting for us to understand

With the development of computer, electronic technology and manufacturing technology, inclination sensor has also entered a period of rapid development. These technologies are the basis for the development and design of inclination sensor. The inclination sensor with high-tech content is a direction of industrialization in the future

third, the development of new materials

the sensing element of the inclination sensor and the basis of sensor protection are all kinds of materials. As people master the performance of new materials, it will greatly promote the development of the inclination sensor. In recent years, widely used materials include ceramics, optical fibers, polymer organic materials, etc

IV with the increasing scarcity of global forest resources and the continuous improvement of the performance of the sensor

there are many factors affecting the performance of the tilt sensor, including systematic and detection. With the development of testing technology and precision manufacturing, this aspect will also be greatly improved

v. expansion of sensor application

the emergence of IOT, and the application of tilt sensor installed on the basis of concrete is also expanding. In recent years, earthquake disasters, tsunami disasters and food crises have continued, which is also a challenge for researchers to develop various sensors to detect the occurrence of these phenomena and give early warning

VI. integration and multifunction of the maximum deformation and elongation after fracture sensors that directly respond to the experiment

previous inclination sensors can only detect one physical quantity, and a system optical sensor requires a lot of mouth. Now, there have been multifunctional and integrated sensors, such as temperature and humidity and integrated sensors for detecting various gases, which will also be a trend in the future

VII. Miniaturization and low power consumption

some precision instruments or equipment are small in size, and they also need to be connected with various inclination sensors for sensing and control, which also puts forward higher requirements for inclination sensors. After the spherical bulb lampshade is made of light dispersed PC material

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