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Independent drive technology improves user revenue

the rising mechanical design revolution

we can pay attention to the application of motion control technology in many industries. For example, in the printing machinery industry, baccalais developed a shaftless drive gravure printing machine based on automatic chromatic technology for customers, provided four motor drive grit machine technology for woolen machines, and provided the application of all electric injection molding machines for the injection molding machine industry, In the packaging industry, the hot film packaging machine also adopts the application of multiple servo shafts. In many other industries, we are also finding that servo drive technology is more widely used

this universal technology has many names, which can be called shaftless or sometimes "Marbach explained that it is called electronic axis, and it is also called full servo or numerical control. In fact, in a strict sense, these can be collectively referred to as independent drive technology, that is, using independent drive units to drive, replacing the traditional mechanical gearbox, worm mechanism and cam disc applications

the aopcsmulti servo drive system of baccalais

independent drive technology improves user revenue

in fact, the workload paid for changing orders before the adoption of independent drive is amazing. For example, if the warp knitting machine adopts the electronic traverse els system, its chain block adjustment will be cancelled without consuming a lot of time, and after the glue binding system adopts the adjustment of the servo system, many adjustments that originally depended on manual work will be reduced, which not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the quality, and the on-demand production can be truly realized. Many facts have proved that the greatest significance of independent drive lies in more flexible production capacity, which can meet the needs of rapid order replacement

traditional mechanical components are easy to wear, which will affect production and maintenance, and cannot guarantee the stability and reliability of quality. However, machines with independent drive technology can consider the servo as a rigid connection, because the electronic system has the ability of automatic compensation, which can eliminate the quality deviation caused by mechanical clearance

the machine design with servo system is obviously higher than the original mechanical system, because servo has better speed up and down ability and high dynamic corresponding ability to meet the stable and reliable operation at high speed

basis of independent drive technology

motion control can be understood as a motion relationship, which depends on a virtual spindle, which can be an actual axis, an encoder, or a model. The speed and position between shafts can establish a mutual relationship, and the system will realize its synchronous relationship through the data exchange between shafts. The relationship here can be in the form of electronic gears or electronic cams. The speed analogy curve relationship between the two axes is a mathematical problem. When this model is established, it can be maintained stably through communication

because of this, it is also very important to realize communication technology, and Ethernet Powerlink technology helps product molding with the help of magnetic field to ensure this. In motion control, the requirements for communication are extremely demanding, because the relationship between axes needs to exchange data through communication after binding, so as to ensure that the relationship between the two is still maintained. Ethernet Powerlink can meet such needs

simplify the implementation of

all motion control relations or the motion relations of the whole machine will eventually be decomposed into straight lines and curves, which makes motion control simple. In the motion control design of bekale, the transmission process of all machines is understood as the switching of states. This state switching is very flexible, which can be triggered by external logic, internal soft logic, time and servo. Compared with the traditional pulse and analog motion control, this control concept provides greater possibility and flexible design, and complex motion can be easily realized here

in this way, the meaning of intelligence is reflected here. You don't need to know how to realize specific compensation and switching. The production cost of nylon oil pan is 30% - 40% lower than that of die-casting aluminum alloy oil pan What we should care about is the characteristics of UD belt: what kind of process you want to meet, how to design a better process to improve the processing quality and efficiency of products, and how to design a process to save materials

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