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Independent innovation - the only way for the development of Chinese enterprises

independent innovation - the only way for the development of Chinese enterprises

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Guide: independent innovation is the only way for the development of Chinese enterprises. Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma automobile group, talked about the economic decisions of the 18th CPC National Congress recently, Chairman Liu Hanru made a special appointment with this newspaper to use the economic benefits formulated by the 18th CPC National Congress and the central economic work conference to make decisions and policies on dialyzers

independent innovation -- the only way for the development of Chinese enterprises

-- Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma automobile group, talked freely about the economic decisions of the 18th CPC National Congress

recently, chairman Liu Hanru talked freely with this newspaper about the economic decisions and policies formulated by the 18th CPC National Congress and the central economic work conference

Q: how to understand the concept of "new industrialization" proposed by the 18th CPC National Congress

Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma automobile group, talked freely about the economic decision of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Liu Hanru: the so-called new industrialization, my general understanding is: by introducing, digesting and absorbing international advanced experience and technology, and adhering to the principle of independent innovation, let more Chinese enterprises become enterprises with advanced technology, advanced management and advanced culture, and let more Chinese enterprises become enterprises with interactive industrialization and informatization, Let more enterprise products have high added value and brand effect, and let more Chinese enterprises integrate into the world and move towards internationalization. Her "new" must also be reflected in the coordinated development of human resources, environmental resources, land resources, material resources and energy, rather than blindly pursuing the maximization of profits

throughout the history of the world over the past hundred years, all developed countries rely on the development of local enterprises to maximize industrial mergers and acquisitions in the history of that year, rely on independent innovation, rely on independent brands, and make industry grow and the country strong. The United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries are all like this

the most typical is South Korea around us. South Korea has a small population, small territory and small market. In the 1950s, their starting point was no different from that of China. However, they have integrated national resources, adhered to independent innovation, and blazed a successful development path. Digital electronics companies represented by Samsung and LG have defeated the so-called invincible Japanese electronics industry represented by Sony and Panasonic; The Korean automobile industry, represented by Hyundai Motor, adheres to the independent development route and has created the fourth largest automobile group in the world

another country around us has provided us with a negative teaching material, that is Russia. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it quickly moved closer to the west, hoping to get the help of the economy and technology of the western world. However, instead of receiving the support of the west, they were squeezed by the western world's strategic space. Apart from military enterprises, Russia has not yet established its own industrial system

in China, there have been many successful cases of industries developed by independent and independent innovation. Under the severe technological blockade in the west, China's aerospace industry has entered the world's most advanced ranks by relying on independence and independent innovation; China's high-speed rail has created the country with the longest high-speed rail mileage in the world through independent and independent innovation; China's satellite navigation, pushed aside by Galileo in Europe, was forced to embark on the development path of independence and independent innovation, and finally achieved our Beidou satellite navigation system, breaking the monopoly and control of the United States GPS over us...

the above practice has proved that only by adhering to the development path of independence and independent innovation, can we become a powerful country and a strong enterprise. The guidelines formulated at the 18th CPC National Congress have further unified the thinking of the people across the country and pointed out the way forward for us

of course, independent innovation does not exclude opening up and foreign cooperation. The key is to give priority to ourselves and insist on having the initiative and voice

we should also be soberly aware that there is still a long and difficult road ahead for independent innovation and the development of new industries. Current. China is still an industrial system dominated by traditional industries, and the task of comprehensively transforming and upgrading to new industries is very arduous. There is also a problem of system reform and ideological renewal

Q: you proposed to the central economic conference that "we should focus on strengthening the new driving force of innovation driven development, pay attention to giving full play to entrepreneurial talents, speed up scientific and technological innovation, and strengthen product innovation, brand innovation, industrial organization innovation, and business model innovation." What's your opinion

Liu Hanru: enterprises are still the foothold for transforming traditional industries and developing new industries. Enterprises are the creators of social wealth, and enterprises are the main body of independent innovation. Only when enterprises are strong, the country will be strong, and only when enterprises develop, can we achieve national well-off and national rejuvenation

entrepreneurs are the soul of enterprises. Only an excellent and self-sufficient entrepreneur can establish a good staff team, establish a good management team and R & D system; An entrepreneur with rich professional knowledge can promote technological innovation and management innovation in the enterprise; Only an entrepreneur with a sense of national hardship and a strong sense of society can respond to the call of General Secretary Xi Jinping to "work hard to revitalize the country" and carefully expand and strengthen the enterprise; An entrepreneur with a broad vision and international vision can lead enterprises to build international brands and embark on the road of internationalization

entrepreneurs are not only the leaders of enterprises, but also the valuable wealth of society to make them flexible. In our country, we should create an atmosphere of advocating entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, and give full play to the talents of entrepreneurs, so as to speed up scientific and technological innovation and product innovation. Spring fatigue testing machine is composed of electromechanical and reducer connecting cams to drive connecting rods to do reciprocating motion, brand innovation, industrial organization and management innovation

Q: how to understand the sentence "giving play to the supporting role of imports in structural adjustment" put forward by the central economic conference

Liu Hanru: the development of an enterprise must be placed on the platform of the world. China belongs to the world and the world belongs to China. The international and domestic markets are complementary markets, so on the one hand, the state actively encourages enterprises to explore the international market, take the path of internationalization, encourage foreign investment, strengthen cooperation with foreign energy, mineral and high-tech enterprises, and implement overseas expansion strategies through investment, acquisition, mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, the state also actively encourages domestic enterprises to implement international procurement and make full use of resources in the international market, Accelerate the adjustment of domestic industrial structure. More than 90% of our complete vehicle manufacturing equipment and xingkaima engine manufacturing equipment are purchased internationally and equipped with sophisticated equipment from foreign or domestic wholly-owned or joint ventures. Using international high-end equipment to create their own high-end products and products with international brands is a means that a new enterprise should adopt and a shortcut to narrow the gap with international products

Q: how to guide the development of Valin Xingma with the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress

liuhanru: over the years, Valin Xingma has always followed the path of independence and independent innovation. Both the whole vehicle and the engine are built on the basis of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. In the future, we will continue to unswervingly follow the direction of the 18th CPC National Congress. Now, we have achieved a complete industrial chain of automobile manufacturing, and the bottleneck of enterprise development in the past has been basically eliminated. What we need to do now is to adhere to independent innovation, constantly improve the technical content of products, stabilize and refine products, and strive to build Valin heavy truck and Xingma special automobile into international brands. I am confident that this goal can be achieved

as I said earlier, talent is the key to developing new industries, taking the international road and creating international brands. In the past, our company trained and cultivated a group of young and promising talents by sending employees to foreign advanced enterprises for training, directly contacting and communicating with foreign experts, and taking the road of combining production, study and research through marriage with multiple universities. However, to make our enterprise bigger and stronger and embark on the road of internationalization, I deeply feel that talents are still lacking. In the future, we will increase investment and efforts in talent training, and strive to cultivate more high-quality talents with international vision and profound technology

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