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Increase by 200 yuan/ton! The coated paper giant will launch a new round of price increases next month. Release date: Source: China's good packaging

11 copies are not over yet, and the letters of base paper price increases in December have arrived one after another. Recently, Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd., Chenming Group, APP golden light Paper Co., Ltd. and many other paper mills announced that the price of paper will rise by about 200 per ton from December 1, mainly involving coated paper, double offset paper and other paper types

coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc. of high-end books and periodicals. It can be said that for printing plants, the purchase cost of coated paper accounts for a large proportion of the total cost

Shandong Huatai Paper recorded that the price of coated paper series products increased by 200/ton from December 1

Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd.

from December 1, all coated paper products will be increased by 200/ton on the basis of the current executive price; Ordinary double offset paper is increased by 200/ton on the basis of the current executive price

Chenming Group

from December 1, the price of Chenming coated paper series products has increased by 200/ton

app golden light paper

from December 1, 2020, all kinds of paper and gram weight paper products produced by Jindong and Jinhai increased by 200/ton on the basis of November

since August, coated paper prices have shown a steady upward trend on the whole. Tong Yi, general manager of longying fuze assets, said in an interview with securities, "what are the common faults of microcomputer controlled impact testing machines in the paper industry in the recent use process? What are the solutions to these common faults? There has been a wave of price rise, and coated paper, whiteboard and other varieties have welcomed price increases to varying degrees."

as for this round of price increase of coated paper, some institutions analyzed that downstream demand recovered from the impact of the epidemic and market orders improved. However, some people from printing houses said that announcing the price rise half a month in advance did not rule out the possibility that paper mills could stimulate printing houses to purchase base paper by shouting up

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