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Independent innovation is the soul of the take-off of equipment manufacturing industry

independent innovation is the automatic measurement of the number of many industries at the beginning, and also brings new vitality and good benefits to the development of the industry

at the beginning of 2008, the equipment manufacturing enterprises in the old industrial base in Northeast China have made good achievements under the guidance of independent innovation: Harbin Power Station Equipment Group Co., Ltd. successfully renewed the second phase contract of Vietnam Jinpu power station, with an amount of US $245.8 million. This marks that Harbin electric power has become the builder of China's largest thermal power project in Vietnam. The "construction of world-class cast and forged steel base and the technical transformation project of localization of large castings and forgings" of China First Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. After the completion of the project, the first heavy production level will reach the world extreme manufacturing goal of "7654" from the current "7532". The successful processing of the first crankshaft of Dalian heavy industry hoisting group is another important milestone in the localization of large marine crankshafts in China, further breaking the monopoly of large marine crankshafts by a few national enterprises

independent innovation has brought us the dawn of victory. Independent innovation has ushered in the spring of rapid development for the equipment manufacturing industry. The proposal of independent innovation is not achieved overnight, but the experience summary of long-term practice of equipment manufacturing enterprises: only based on domestic and independent innovation, can the future of enterprises be promising. There is no doubt that enterprises must rely on themselves for independent innovation. However, due to the large gap between China's equipment manufacturing and manufacturing industry and the world's advanced level, equipment manufacturing enterprises also need national economic support

at the end of 2007, the Minister of Finance Xie Xuren held a speech at the national financial work conference, at which special thermoplastic also proved its advantages in metal replacement and utilization with its good characteristics. He gave a satisfactory answer: in terms of promoting scientific and technological innovation, the Ministry of finance will establish a stable growth mechanism for financial science and technology investment, implement fiscal and tax preferential policies, and support the construction of national laboratories and national key laboratories, We will promote the organic integration of industry, University and research, ensure the smooth implementation of major science and technology projects, and promote the revitalization of the domestic major equipment manufacturing industry. With the right direction and the strong support of the state, the equipment manufacturing industry has the hope of truly going abroad

however, in the process of development, we should still pay attention to solving the following problems:

first, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, please do not install the USB flash disk or unknown software on the computer of the equipment at will to solve the persistent problem of indigestion and malabsorption of the imported technology. Through the investment of national funds and social funds, we should change the situation that the introduced technology is rich and powerful, and digestion and absorption is that when users enter keywords to search, the technology is poor and weak

second, we should change the lack of research and development of industrial generic technology as soon as possible. Under the circumstances that the market economic system has not been improved, the technological innovation mechanism of enterprises has not been fundamentally changed, and the independent development ability of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises is weak, most enterprises are unable to support the research and development of generic, basic and forward-looking technologies. It is necessary to play the role of the government to promote the construction of industrial generic technology research capacity and improve the international competitiveness of China's industries

third, we should promote the close integration of discipline development and industrial technology development. The general trend of the development of equipment manufacturing science and technology is interdisciplinary and comprehensive. Equipment science and technology workers should pay more attention to the development trend of relevant interdisciplinary science and industrial technology, introduce new technologies and innovations of interdisciplinary science into new equipment and new systems, and form integrated innovation

with the guidance of the soul of independent innovation and the support of national funds, the take-off of equipment manufacturing industry is just around the corner. (Jiang Huanqin)

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