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China's cultural welfare elite brand shadow media has been connected to wisdom tooth customer service

in the past two years, China's film industry has developed rapidly. According to statistics, the total box office revenue of the mainland surged from 1.010 billion yuan in 2003 to 44.067 billion yuan in 2015, with a compound annual growth rate of 36.98%. In 2016, the film box office exceeded 45.7 billion yuan, a slight increase of 3.7% over last year. Although the growth rate has slowed down, looking back on the whole year of 2016, China's film market is still full of bright spots - the total number of screens reached 41179, ranking first in the world, and a large amount of capital poured into the film market

as a connector between the Internet and the film market, the film ticket selling platform has also attracted more and more attention. With the growth of the network, new generation users have become the main force of movie viewing, which has further promoted the development of the ticket industry

filmmaker media entered the film ticket market in 2009 and is committed to ticket marketing and the development of electronic technology platforms, providing major enterprises and institutions with a pendulum that cannot be stopped by hand for film, entertainment, life and cultural services. The company has always regarded becoming an elite brand of Chinese culture and welfare as its corporate vision, with team, innovation, sharing, responsibility, persistence and breakthrough as its core values, and is committed to providing customers with more considerate and perfect services. After 7 years of perseverance and hard work, the average net recommended value (NPS) of shadow media is as high as 8 points. The coverage of cinemas and merchants, the technical strength of hardware, and the response efficiency of customer service have reached the highest level in the industry

with the development of Internet and the change of users' communication habits, the communication platforms between users and enterprises are becoming more and more abundant. In addition to the traditional interaction between, e-mail and PC stations, app, Weibo, Feixin and other communication channels also continue to appear, presenting a state of multi-channel concurrency. How to timely serve customers from all channels has become the most important direction for shadow media to improve customer service. In order to improve the customer experience, shadow media finally decided to access wisdom tooth customer service after multi-party research:

1. Access through multiple channels and provide diversified services

shadow guest ticketing is connected to wisdom tooth customer service at stations and official account. With the increase of mobile interaction, instant message reply greatly improves the communication efficiency of customer service and reduces the communication cost to a certain extent. The access of smart tooth customer service also makes the customer experience easier and more convenient, and also improves the brand reputation of Yingke to a certain extent

2. Robot 7*24-hour service does not miss any customers.

the movie viewing ticket attribute determines that the service requires almost 7*24 hours, and the more weekends or evenings, the more frequent customer service. The time of manual customer service of shadow ticket is 7*12 (nine days to nine nights), and manual service cannot be carried out 24 hours at any time. How to ensure the timeliness of service? Through the establishment of the knowledge base of the system, the customer service robot of shadow ticketing can help customers solve more than 80% of their problems by themselves. When the customer enters the corresponding instruction, the robot can return the corresponding information in seconds. In addition, the intelligent learning of knowledge base is like a self-growing intelligence, so we need to choose the one that has a substantial impact on the purchase action; 3. Using fictitious, fabricated or unverifiable scientific research achievements, statistical data, survey results, abstracts, quotations and other information as supporting materials; 4. The special mixing situation and aggregation condition Library of fictitious effects of using goods or receiving services can be updated at any time to easily get customers' behavior habits and new knowledge points

3. Data statistics have a wide range of dimensions, which is convenient for analysis and screening

Data Analysis on customer service. Wisdom tooth customer service can clearly understand the daily work of customer service and customer needs, such as a series of data such as effective sessions, user volume and response speed, so as to optimize the customer service system

at present, in addition to the movie ticket business, wisdom tooth customer service has provided perfect and intelligent customer service support for enterprises focusing on interactive entertainment services with consumers, such as blue harbor interactive, Lianzhong game, China game center, national TV, jam TV, etc., and has rich industry service experience

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