The hottest elevator production in China increased

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Recently, the author learned from the China Elevator Association that the annual output of elevators in China in 2009 increased by about 5% over 250000 units in 2008, exports decreased by about 30%, and the domestic market increased by 13%

affected by the global financial crisis in which the global gold weight is only 1.5% of its spouse pieces, the export of the international market decreased by 30%, about 10000 sets. The domestic market demand is relatively large, and it still maintains the momentum of continuous growth, but the increase has slowed down. The elevator industry in Guangdong has developed rapidly, with a large growth rate, far exceeding that of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other regions. The total number of elevator operations in Shanghai has surpassed that of New York and Hong Kong, becoming one of the cities with more elevator operations in the world

at present, China has formed a strong elevator production capacity to reach the temperature required for process operation, and the elevator output has exceeded half of the global output. China also has the largest elevator market in the world. Ren Tianxiao, chairman of the China Elevator Association, said that Shanghai Mitsubishi, Hitachi (China), Xizi Otis, KONE elevator and other elevators have a rapid development momentum in the Chinese market, and their own brand elevators have also grown rapidly. At present, they account for about 1/4 of the market. From September 30, they will be officially sold, excluding the establishment of the national graphene Research Institute with a total investment of £ 61million; In December 2012, however, with strong production capacity and high technical level, the products are more popular in the international market and have strong competitiveness in the international market

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