The hottest elegant style fur warms autumn and win

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Elegant style fur is warm into autumn and winter

this season's fur coat has converged a lot in both color and style. The black, gray and earth color systems make the fur present a calm attitude, pay attention to turning off the main motor source, and incorporate soft arc lines into the design to weaken the glamorous edge of the fur, adding a little bit of the delicate beauty of a little Jasper. These soft and warm fur are more in the form of embellishment or improvement, the inlay of collar, scarf, sleeve edge, skirt, hem, sleeve side, or made into Cape, waistcoat, vest, fur skirt, with the classical charm of Eastern Europe, showing the elegant style of fur

Figure 1: Celine is made of soft thin fur with horizontal lines into a ring neck Pullover and waist tunic. The fitting style completely breaks the impression that the fur is bulky and thick. Such intellectual elegance is the expression of little fur.

Figure 2: herm é s integrates fur into his classical Knight costume. The British Cape, cardigan, or the wool collar of the wool scarf are very elegant in color and style, while revealing an aristocratic atmosphere

Figure 3: Missoni's design is more delicate and cute, with exaggerated ruffled fur collar, girlish short Cape, and the same color ribbon trim and bow, the fur can also be young. The material of the sample can be divided into metal and non-metal

Figure 4: LV also spent a lot of attention in the design of fur. The quiet and low-key color style is independent of the noble and luxurious style of the brand, as well as fur aprons, waist bags The special design of Elbow Gloves shows the talent of designers

the scope of the industry has increased six times compared with 2015 Figure 5: therefore, when adopting mechanical foaming, bubble stabilizer is required. Versace is still blue-green, gorgeous eyes fuming this season, straight Sassoon style signboard hairstyle, black fur coat and silk stockings together, it looks noble, lean, sexy and fashionable, and a unique LV metal chain bag makes your autumn and winter become gorgeous

end: fur has long become a symbol of wild luxury for fashion, and this autumn and winter seems to reverse the boastful impression of fur and endow it with introverted and rigorous elegant connotation and personality

source: Sohu Women Channel

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