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Based on the R100 IOT of Jiehe technology, the elevator management plan

as a resource that can be freely used by members of the society, the maintenance and repair of social public resources are generally in the charge of special personnel. However, the supervision beneficial to the development and maintenance of the industry is often difficult to implement due to many factors. By the end of 2019, the number of elevators in use in Shanghai, the city with the largest number of elevators in the world, has already exceeded 130000. The installation time of elevators is uneven; The service life of elevators is different; Deployment sites are complex and numerous. In the past, the maintenance of elevators was still guaranteed, but it was impossible to supervise them one by one

with the refinement of the application of IOT technology, the number of landing scenes continues to increase. By connecting numerous devices and items to the network through IOT customs, we can build a real IOT. Jiehe technology firmly grasped the general market trend and officially released Jiehe technology R100 IOT at the beginning of 2020

1. Jiehe technology R100 is used for elevator IOT management

fully analyzed the hardware equipment requirements missing in the customer's scheme, and learned that elevator management and supervision 5. Loading and placing samples: conditioning the position dilemma of loading and placing samples on the experimental machine. Jiehe technology R100 IOT can complete data collection, calculation, shaping and transmission by connecting the RTU sensor to a small device with an external size of only 116mm*107mm*30mm

in the whole elevator IOT management scheme, connect GPS positioning sensor, car temperature sensor, acceleration sensor and alarm device to Jie and R100; Using the edge computing ability of R100, the collected data is calculated and shaped to quickly identify and respond to abnormal operating conditions; Finally, it is sent to the management platform through the infinite local network or cellular data network to complete the IOT access of the elevator

by connecting the ports opened by different management and operation convenience platforms, elevator operators, maintainers and supervisors can know the operation, alarm information and identification information of each elevator in different location areas in real time

through the access of IOT technology, intelligent management and supervision of elevator equipment can be directly realized. At the same time, the accurate positioning, early warning and fault alarm information capture of the elevator can greatly improve the response speed of emergency rescue

2. Monitoring and management of various public resources

Jie and R100 IOT can meet various resource management needs in a variety of scenarios, such as outdoor electronic billboards, bus toilets, smart street lights, public transportation, etc., due to their small size and standardized sensor interface design

accurate sensing of data in different dimensions, forming an intuitive display on the cloud management platform, and quickly responding accurately to changes in the state of things in IOT is a huge benefit in the practical application of IOT technology. Jie and R100 IOT customs, as an important transmission link in the huge IOT system, have made great contributions

about Jiehe technology

Shenzhen Jiehe Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiehe Technology), founded in 1999, is a technology entity that focuses on the intelligent retail industry and provides overall solutions for the deep integration of IOT, AI products and equipment, software and hardware. According to insiders, it is a national high-tech enterprise, committed to becoming a world-class intelligent retail solution integrator. The main products include intelligent retail management system, embedded digital signage computer, industrial digital signage computer, IOT gateway, AI computing server, edge storage server and software system

with more than 20 years of hard work, Jiehe technology has built an international group company with an agile supply chain system, integrating research, production, supply and sales. It has set up professional sales branches and mature logistics networks in North China, central China, South China, Hong Kong, the United States, Europe and other regions. As a global brand, Giada has products and services in more than 50 countries and regions overseas

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