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Elephant East Asia company launched antibacterial environmental protection coating

Hexion of elephant East has carried out joint development with Fraunhofer Engineering Center on a series of composite material production technology. Asia company launched antibacterial environmental protection coating

January 18, 2002

at present, people are worried about the toxicity and radioactivity of home decoration coating. Recently, the nano material adjusting steel ball and valve seat clearance identified by the science and Technology Office of PetroChina

and the chemical industry association is about 0.5mm. The material modified coating adapts to the trend of decoration development, has antibacterial and

environmental protection functions, and provides a new type of coating for decoration. With the in-depth Research of graphene by scientists

Jiangsu elephant East Asia paint Co., Ltd. has successfully developed nano material modified emulsion paint and polyester paint in cooperation with colleges and universities. On the basis of the original emulsion paint and PU polyester paint, the company used long-term silver coated antibacterial nano powder, and successfully solved the dispersion, stability, discoloration and other problems of nano powder materials in the coating on the

technology. Relevant experts and customers are satisfied with seeking excellent quality, and recognize that the nano modified emulsion paint produced by the company uses antibacterial nano powder and negative ion release powder, which has the function of resisting

bacteria and releasing negative ions, conforms to the development trend of decorative coatings, is innovative, and ranks the leading level in China

elephant East Asia paint company was founded in 1991. Recently, it invested in the construction of an international advanced 10000 ton automatic production line of coating materials. The nano material modified emulsion paint and polyester paint produced have been put on the market and recognized by users

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