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The rapid growth of elevator industry has created a broad market space for automation products and technologies; On the other hand, the diversity and changing trend of elevator product demand also greatly enrich the application of automation products in the elevator industry

first of all, since the buildings where elevator products are installed have diversified functions, the specific requirements for elevator functions and performance are also different. For example, with the rapid development of modern urban commercial areas, many iconic ultra-high buildings have been built, which provides a lot of development space for the current fast-growing high-speed and ultra-high-speed elevators. Such elevator products are generally high-end products, which have high requirements for starting and stopping stability and riding comfort, and need to adopt high-end drive systems; At present, the government has also increased the construction of policy housing that plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. The requirements of this kind of residential elevator are: on the basis of ensuring safety performance, it only needs to adapt to large carrying capacity on the basis of existing relevant degree value sequencing, and the control system is as compact as possible, while trying to save costs; For elevators in public places such as museums and libraries, where the flow of people is uneven and the impact on the environment is required to be small, full consideration should be given to the functions of mute and energy saving through automation technology

secondly, the continuous change and expansion of some requirements for elevator products have also accelerated the application of automation products. A typical example is the safety requirements of elevators. Previously, it was simply required that the elevator's lifting drive and braking should be normal. Now, the safety requirements have been extended to the plastic packaging of door control system: the "three modernizations" of material additives, panels, communications, lighting, causing mutual impact and leakage. Another example is the comfort of the elevator ride experience. The previous ride experience was mostly reflected in whether the elevator starts and stops smoothly, while the current ride experience also includes the operation experience of the panel, the reasonable requirements of intelligent dispatching on time arrangement, passenger diversion, and so on

the development of elevator control technology and the progress of automation technology

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automation products have unlimited business opportunities in the elevator industry market

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