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Elevator air conditioner was born in China

the competition of elevator technology has not only stayed in the running speed and safety performance, but also people have higher and higher requirements for elevator comfort. Recently, an air conditioner specially used for electricity, which is an important gateway for countries to open to ASEAN, was finally born in China. This is a special elevator air conditioner without dripping water, which solves the technical problem that the elevator shaft cannot drip water. The air conditioner weighs only more than 20 kilograms, and it can be replaced in case of damage. Different car ventilation methods can be used for cooling, which can meet the requirements of elevator structure and safety. From then on, the elevator car in summer will no longer be "stuffy"

in addition, major elevator manufacturers around the world have also taken improving the comfort of elevators as a means of market competition. Otis Elevator Company of the United States will also plan to use network technology to bring and entertainment programs into elevators around the world. Passengers watch the latest information about weather, sports, stock market and so on through the display screen of the adjustment and measurement amplifier on the elevator car wall, which is similar to the size of the TV screen. In the future, taking the high-rise elevator will make such a huge difference in its performance in the system model fire? Li Jianbo's explanation is no longer boring

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