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Electroplating gradually withdrew from the stage and environmental protection coatings became the mainstream

electroplating gradually withdrew from the stage and environmental protection coatings became the mainstream

November 28, 2017

[China paint information]

before December 31 this year, Tianjin will complete the application and issuance of pollutant discharge licenses for enterprises in 10 industries, including electroplating, coking, flat glass, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, printing and dyeing, agricultural and sideline food processing, API manufacturing, tanning, pesticides, etc, Carry out environmental supervision and law enforcement according to the certificate. From January 1 next year, relevant enterprises in the above-mentioned industries in Tianjin must hold permits to discharge pollutants. The introduction of this measure is no longer expected to make dandelion rubber useful in Ford's plastic parts, and people pay attention to the environmental pollution caused by electroplating

it is understood that electroplating pollution is mainly sewage and heavy metal pollution in sewage, with a small amount of waste gas and waste residue. Electroplating industry uses a large number of strong acid, alkali, heavy metal solutions, and even cyanide, chromic anhydride and other toxic and harmful chemicals. These toxic and harmful substances are discharged into the environment through wastewater and waste residue, becoming a heavily polluting industry. Although electroplating can play a certain role in corrosion prevention and its appearance is relatively good, compared with the pollution caused, it is not worth the loss. In the rise of environmental protection coating enterprises, electroplating is also gradually withdrawing from the stage

environmental protection coatings have more and more powerful functions and are applied in more and more fields. However, electroplating still plays a certain role in some industries, such as single line, circle and cylinder. At present, according to Miao bole, it is not practical not to use electroplating at all. However, in the industry of electroplating application, try to replace it with environmental friendly paint as much as possible, which can reduce the pollution caused by the downward movement of plywood for the environment. After all, it takes a long time to recover from electroplating pollution. Do a good job in electroplating pollution treatment and increase the application of environmental friendly paint, It is a good solution

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