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On August 19, China Plastics' spot ABS market brief

the comprehensive exchange power consumption of aluminum ingots fell 144 kwh/ton year-on-year

China Plastics price index rose 2.95 points to 1346.92 points, and China Plastics' spot index rose 1.67 points to 1323.51 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 0.90 US dollars per barrel to 112.87 US dollars per barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell 0.61 US dollars per barrel to 111.94 US dollars per barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

styrene FOB South Korea closed 1474 US $5, CFR China close 1494 US $5, driven by the upstream raw material market, closed up US $7.5 and US $12.5/ton respectively. During the trading day on Monday, the price gap between BZ/SM widened to $345/ton. Supply and demand in China have further balanced, and inventories have declined slightly compared with the previous period. At the close of trading, CML and LGI made inquiries for goods in September at US $1470/ton FOB South Korea. In terms of devices, Chevron's styrene device in Jubail started operation last Saturday. The manufacturer expects to export cargo from September 2008, and the early production will be used to accumulate inventory. The overhaul time of SKC's 370000 ton styrene plant in South Korea was postponed. The original overhaul time of the manufacturer was in mid September, about one to two weeks later; As the device adopts sm/po production process, some insiders speculate that the delay may be due to the recent strong demand for po. In the domestic market, the mainstream negotiation area in Jiangsu is unknown. The quotation of major merchants in South China has been increased to 11800, which affects the nature of the mixture, yuan/ton, and the delivery price

the price of styrene in the United States fell 0.02 cents from the previous trading day, about US $0.44, and closed at 73 86 cents/pound, about US dollars/ton. The styrene market was also light, with news that the operating rate of Jubail Chevron Phillips' device in the Middle East fell to%

due to the regional oversupply and weak demand, the decline of prices in the United States and Europe, and the continuous fluctuation of crude oil, Asian pure benzene continued to follow the downward trend of last weekend on Monday, and FOB Korea closed at 1127 US $25/ton, Southeast Asia closed at 1113 75 dollars/ton, both down 2.25 dollars/ton. In the afternoon, Koch sold any shipment in October to sk networks at the price of R $1130/mt. As there is still uncertainty about whether the US delivery delay fee will continue to be extended to November, market merchants are cautious about pure benzene sales. The weak atmosphere of excess supply of pure benzene in Asia will worsen due to the connection production of new devices in the future. In Asia, pttar's No.2 aromatics petrochemical complex unit in Mata Province, Thailand, is scheduled to be put into commercial operation in mid September. The pure benzene capacity of this unit is 363000 tons/year, and% of the output will be allocated through contract, while the rest will be put into the spot market. In the downstream styrene market, Jubail Chevron Phillips project (located in Saudi Arabia), the main pure benzene applicator, is expected to export products next month. The styrene production capacity of this device is 750000 tons/year, and propylene production capacity is 150000 tons/year. It is expected to achieve maximum production in three months

III. local market conditions:

the price of Jilin Petrochemical ABS is stable in the province. 0215a the ex warehouse price in the province is 15900 yuan/ton. The recent sales are poor and the inventory is not much. Most of the goods are shipped to PetroChina, and the production of the unit is normal

on August 13, the production of Changzhou Xinhu ABS device was resumed, and the device was shut down for maintenance on August 8. The company has launched an ultra-high molecular weight keta apire peek, which is expected to reach full capacity in succession. Ac800 offers stable 16000 yuan/ton. Recently, the sales are poor, the inventory is high, and the production of the device is normal. East China offers about 15700 yuan/ton for ac-800

this morning, the overall trend of ps/abs market in Yuyao plastic city was stable, with some narrow fluctuations. Although the market supply remains tight, the downstream demand is still weak, the trading volume is general, and the fundamentals of the overall downturn have not changed significantly. Most traders are short-term. The latest mainstream quotation for domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is, temperature range: 0 ~ 40 ℃ yuan/ton

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