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Elevator enterprises should develop based on differentiation

in 2008, China's elevator production reached 245000 units, an increase of 13% compared with 2007. But how to develop the elevator industry this year, the enterprise bosses have no idea. Industry experts believe that if elevator enterprises want to overcome this difficulty, taking the differentiation route is the best choice for enterprise survival and development

avoid homogenization

at present, the homogenization phenomenon of the elevator industry is becoming increasingly obvious, mainly manifested in the homogenization of technology and marketing strategies, which makes the development of the elevator industry encounter a bottleneck. For example, after a new energy-saving technology is applied by an elevator enterprise, other enterprises will immediately follow suit, and the technology cannot be innovated, and the industry cannot develop rapidly

from the perspective of technology, energy-saving technology, control technology, safety technology and the application of new materials will become the research direction of elevator enterprises. In response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, energy-saving products still occupy a dominant market position. In addition, China is a populous country with increasingly precious land resources. In the future, the growth of high-rise buildings will accelerate, and the demand for high-speed elevators will also increase. At present, an office building often needs to install several elevators. Therefore, realizing elevator intelligence and having group control system is also a technology that requires enterprises to study in depth

at present, China has 1.2 million elevators in use, with an average of 1100 people owning one elevator, only half of the world average, There is still a big gap from the per capita elevator level in developed countries "There are all kinds of forms. Therefore, in the long run, China's elevator market still has a lot of room for development. Experts predict that the elevator market situation in the first quarter of this year is extremely severe, and the price competition will be more intense. Reducing costs is the focus of enterprises' work.

looking for new markets

global maximum torque, torsional strength, upper yield strength and lower yield strength and other performance. The economic recession caused by the financial crisis will further appear , China's economy is facing a complex international and domestic environment. At present, there are more than 400 complete machine factories and more than 800 parts factories in China. Under the severe market environment, enterprises must improve their predictability and timely and clearly understand their position and environment in China's economic chain

from the perspective of product demand, residential elevators, public transport escalators and commercial passenger elevators will become the three hot products in the elevator market this year. From the perspective of regional analysis, the central, Western and Bohai rim economic zones will become the regions with large elevator demand in China this year. From the perspective of overall urban demand, the growth of elevator demand in second and third tier cities will accelerate rapidly

in the past, elevator enterprises were more optimistic about the market of first tier cities. On the one hand, the rapid development of first tier cities has brought large market space to elevator enterprises. On the other hand, because some landmark buildings are concentrated in first tier cities, elevator enterprises will also make great efforts to win these landmark projects in order to improve brand awareness

however, today, the second and third tier cities are developing relatively faster, and the demand for elevators is increasing day by day. Especially for domestic brands, when it is relatively difficult to squeeze into the first tier cities, enterprises should pay more attention to the second and third tier cities

cake of government procurement

in the face of the continuous addition of another PA ⑴ 1 powder material to government investment and construction projects, some elevator enterprises have also made adjustments in marketing strategies, taking the government procurement market as a breakthrough to improve enterprise performance

according to the analysis of industry experts, this year, the number of commercial real estate projects will decrease, but the construction of government projects will increase, including the construction of airports, subways, low rent housing and affordable housing, which will bring a lot of elevator demand. In addition, the demolition work in cities around the country is also ongoing, which will inevitably lead to large-scale new housing construction, and the supporting elevator industry will also be developed

especially when the form of real estate is not very good this year, some real estate developers are prone to capital chain breakage. When purchasing elevators, the credit of payment may be in crisis, and government procurement can ensure timely payment, which is also an important reason why many elevator enterprises are optimistic about the government procurement market

although the government procurement market is an attractive "cake", it is not easy for enterprises to share this "cake". Government procurement is not only a test of the comprehensive strength of enterprises, but also an elastic extension: under the rated load of 10% and the ultimate working force of 2% ⑶%, enterprises also need professionals who understand the laws related to government procurement, so as to ensure that enterprises will not make mistakes when participating in bidding

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