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The innovative technology of element fluorine treatment polyolefin container came out

a new high-tech product urgently needed by the country - "innovative technology of element fluorine and element fluorine treatment polyolefin container" with the help of Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, after nearly three years of hard work, the mechanical properties of composite materials will have significant changes. Recently, it was successfully developed in jilfu Industrial Park, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province

according to the inspection of the China Institute of scientific information, there were not only no products in this field in China before, but also no reports and patents in this field. This technology fills the gap in the manufacturing and application of elemental fluorine in China, and is selected by the state as a key new product. You should clearly inform customers that such samples can only be held by winding method. Shu Shengyou, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, spoke highly of the success of the development of this product during his inspection of the jilfu Industrial Park in Jiangxi Province, and asked the company to put into production as soon as possible to produce economic benefits and social benefits as soon as possible. New and old customers are welcome to choose their favorite products with confidence. It is understood that the board of directors of the company plans to start mass production using the technological development results of the pilot phase this month, and gradually replace imported products

"Jill fluorine and elemental fluorine treatment polyolefin container innovative technology" has been successfully developed, which has completely changed the forbidden zone that plastic containers cannot package non-polar and liquid products containing alkanes and aromatics, and also opened up a new path of scientific and technological innovation under limited conditions for the development of China's packaging industry. It is understood that with the support of the provincial and municipal governments, Jiangxi Gilford Industrial Park will become the first industrialization base of elemental fluorine innovative technology in China

(from China packaging daily) Zhang Zhijun

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