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Shanghai viaduct changed its "coat"

Shanghai viaduct changed its "coat"

June 16, 2005

in the section from Dabaishu to Hujia interchange of Shanghai Central Ring Road, the crash wall was put on a colorless and light-free transparent "protective clothing". China's graphene patents account for the vast majority of the world ". It was learned yesterday that through this technological innovation, drivers will no longer suffer from the reflection of driving in rainy days and at night

Shanghai's elevated roads used to use high-end building exterior wall color paint to paint the anti-collision walls on both sides. Although the color is gorgeous, in rainy days, the color paint will produce reflection and affect the driver's line of sight. Is there a way to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the concrete without changing the original color and appearance of the concrete? After repeated scientific experiments, a colorless and matte silicone impregnation technology, namely "fair faced concrete" technology, has made a breakthrough, and has been first applied to the completed Dabaishu Hujia Interchange Section of the central ring road. The anti-collision wall is 9.8 kilometers long and covers an area of 40000 square meters, which is the first time in China

the elevated anti-collision with transparent "protective clothing" needs to tighten the anchor bolts of the experimental machine to the wall, which looks no different from ordinary concrete. However, after the rain, no water drops can be hung on the walls on both sides. The water drops are still ball shaped on the plane and fall with the wind, which is amazing. It is reported that this layer of "protective clothing" can also prevent chloride ions, carbonate ions and other harmful substances. Although there is a saying that old do not go, new do not come into the medium, so that the surface weathering, strength reduction and reinforcement corrosion of elevated concrete can be reduced

it is reported that the elevated columns under the elevated road of the central ring road also wear a transparent "coat"

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