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Correct use and installation of small hay cutter

small hay cutter is directly used for side cutting green, dry corn straw, wheat straw, straw and other forage for animal husbandry. It can also be used for straw returning project of agricultural ecological construction

with the extensive use of small hay cutters in livestock farmers (farms) in recent years, the benefits are self-evident. However, because some operators cannot use and maintain correctly, there are many problems in the operation process

taking 9z-2.5 hay cutter as an example, this paper talks about the correct use and maintenance of commonly used small hay cutters

1. Use correctly

(1) read the product operation manual in detail and check the attached accessories

(2) master the technical data of the hay cutter. Such as supporting power, spindle speed, host quality and overall dimensions

(3) understand the performance indicators. For example, the production efficiency (the production efficiency of 2.5t/h mentioned in the operation manual of 9z-2.0 hay cutter refers to the productivity of green corn straw with a moisture content of 65% and under the condition of continuous and uniform feeding), the length of grass cutting and the range of grass shooting, etc

(4) check the random accessories. Such as motor pulley, V-belt (9z-2.0 hay cutter is equipped with 3 b1650 V-belts), transmission belt protective cover and special bolts for motor fixing

(5) understand the contents of the Three Guarantees, so as to attract attention in use

2. Install correctly

(1) determine the matching power (single cylinder small diesel engine, motor or small four-wheel tractor) before installation. Correctly select the power and transmission of the supporting power according to the requirements of the product operation manual

(2) check whether the mechanical property of the plastic material of the power machine under pressure when the stress is less than the yield limit is basically the same as that when it is stretched, so that the actuator plug can be moved to the working position quickly, and whether the diameter matches the diameter of the hay cutter pulley, and ensure that the rotation speed of the hay cutter meets the requirements. The rotation speed of 9z-2.0 hay cutter is specified as 800r/min

(3) if a small diesel engine is selected as the power, it should be fixed on the concrete floor. It should be able to adjust the position back and forth to tension the transmission belt

(4) when a small four-wheel tractor is selected as the power, the protective cover of the tractor's transmission belt and the two casters at the grass outlet end of the hay cutter should be removed first, so that the central pull rod of the tractor is connected with the pin shaft in the middle of the hay cutter frame, and the suspension frames on both sides are connected to the two caster shafts. Install the pins, and then use the 205 aluminum alloy window support to adjust the V-belt to the appropriate tightness with the hinge of the central pull rod

(5) if the motor is selected as the power, the universal motor base should be used to adjust, so that the motor shaft is parallel to the hay cutting machine shaft without peeling, and the central axes of the two pulleys are aligned. The rotation direction of the hay cutter spindle should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the housing. In addition, the control knife switch of the motor power supply should be set near the processing site to connect or cut off the power supply at any time

(6) the hay cutter should be installed stably, and the protective cover should be installed. In addition, the grass outlet should be consistent with the natural wind direction. If the machine is not easy to move, it can be achieved by rotating the grass outlet

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