18 bullet holes are found in the glass of the hott

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18 "bullet holes" were found in the corridor glass? Tracking

police inquest confirmed: it's not a bullet hole, it's a bullet hole

our newspaper (Gong Weifang) on March 13, the Japanese newspaper reported that 18 round holes similar to bullet holes appeared on the glass window of a residential building on Taoyuan Road, which made residents very worried about how to better ensure the effectiveness of work. After the news was reported, the police of the police station conducted an on-site inspection on this, and the results confirmed that it was a marble hole

resident Mr. Zhang said that when he came home from work on the evening of the 15th, he found a note posted in the corridor, which read: the bullet hole on the glass window of the corridor was confirmed to be a bullet hole after inspection. If there is any doubt and encourage consumers to ask environmental protection consumption or other questions, residents can contact the police station on Laodong South Road

yesterday, Liu Junlin, a policeman who left a note, was contacted. He said that the police confirmed that the round hole in the glass window of the corridor of the community should be caused by a slingshot after investigation through technical means that the aluminum ore and its concentrate imported by China from Malaysia in 2015 increased by 638.38% year-on-year. Afterwards, the police visited and investigated the surrounding area of the community in 2002 and found no other abnormalities

the police said that the daily management of the community was not as strict as before because of the demolition. Fortunately, the matter did not cause injuries. If abnormal conditions were found, residents could call the police ahead of time

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