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Correct use of tungsten steel slitting thin knife

tungsten steel slitting thin knife has extremely high wear resistance, and the service life of cutting corrugated cardboard is more than ten times that of ordinary high-speed steel thin knife. Correct use can improve the cutting quality and prolong the service life of the blade, otherwise it is easy to cause the blade to break. In production, the breakage of blades is a headache for carton manufacturers. Now let's talk about the matters needing attention in production operation:

due to the high hardness and brittleness of tungsten steel thin knives, they must be handled with care and placed horizontally during handling, storage, installation and use. Do not collide with any hard objects

column spacing: 540mm; Do not use tungsten steel thin knife for longitudinal cutting with thin knife with low precision and slow speed, because this will shorten the service life of the blade

loading: before loading, be sure to check whether the end face runout of the cutter head is normal (0.1mm) and whether the flatness of the cutter head meets the standard. Pay attention to whether there are foreign matters on the cutter head and blade. After the blade and blade head are wiped, install the cutter into the cutter head. After confirming that the blade and cutter head are free of foreign matters and the fitting clearance is correct, tighten the pressure plate bolts diagonally, with uniform force and appropriate tightness. Do not assemble hard, hit the blade, and dry friction between the blade and the lower cutter base, otherwise the blade will be broken. It is recommended to install a paper gasket between the blade and the pressure plate to buffer the strong fit between the blade and the pressure plate

sharpening: for high precision; The latter is cheap to correctly adjust the gap between the blade and the grinding wheel. If the gap is wrong, the blade will be distorted during grinding, resulting in blade fracture. After installing the grinding wheel, check whether the bolts of the grinding wheel seat are loose. If the end face runout of the grinding wheel is too large, the blade will be broken due to impact during grinding. The grinding angle of the grinding wheel should be roughly equivalent to the blade edge angle. The stroke clearance of the fixed block and moving block of the sharpener determines the stable effect of sharpening, and the stroke clearance is required to be between 3-5mm. When sharpening the tool, the feed speed of the grinding wheel should be adjusted slowly. The air pressure of the Rockwell hardness tester is about 2kg. Do not impact the cutting edge with the grinding wheel. The amount of grinding should not be too large each time. It is recommended that each shift assign a person to grind manually, and gently sharpen it by hand. The length of sharpening time depends on the sharpness of the blade and the cutting quality of the paperboard. Do not sharpen the blade frequently and continue to use the blade with sawtooth

adjust the knife: loosen and shift the knife holder before adjusting the knife distance. After adjusting the knife distance, adjust the knife in the middle of the paper separation slot of the knife holder. Avoid friction between the blade and the knife holder. Tools, equipment parts and other hard objects shall not collide with the blade during adjustment

maintenance: check the thin blade every day and grind it slightly as needed. Regularly check the thin blade surface and remove dirt in time. Stop the machine and check whether the blade is defective. At the same time, clean the paper scraps in the paper separation slot of the knife holder to avoid knife clamping. Observe the transportation of the cutter head in time. When the lateral runout is too large, stop the machine immediately for maintenance to avoid losses. Check the fastening bolts and locking blocks before using the equipment to ensure the normal transportation of the equipment. Do not dry friction between the blade and the lower knife base when the computer tool adjustment equipment is working, otherwise the blade will be broken. When the operator is in contact with the thin knife, do not stand in front of the knife. Be sure to keep a safe distance and pay attention to safety at all times to prevent the blade from breaking and hurting people

when flying out of the above requirements and precautions, please do not open the box door, and the operator should strictly comply with it, so as to avoid unnecessary losses and injuries. (end)

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