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Correction calculation of chamfer teeth of involute spline broach

involute spline gear sleeve is an important part for gear shifting in automobile transmission. In mass production, the involute internal spline of gear sleeve is mostly processed by broaching. In order to ensure the flexible shift of the transmission and avoid the impact of minor diameter collision on the accuracy of involute splines, it is necessary to process a chamfer with poor accuracy of screw replacement at the minor diameter key teeth of the spline in the gear sleeve. Therefore, it is necessary to design chamfer teeth on the involute spline broach used for processing the gear sleeve. When manufacturing broach, the common normal micrometer is generally used to measure the broach chamfer teeth, but when the chamfer angle of involute spline tooth sleeve is $% ', it is difficult to measure the broach chamfer teeth with the common normal micrometer because there is no measurement plane. In order to improve the processing technology of broach, on the premise of ensuring the working performance of the machined gear sleeve, it is necessary to modify and calculate the parameters of broach chamfer teeth. Through machining practice, the correction calculation method of broach chamfer tooth parameters is summarized as follows:

1 Calculation of chamfer measurement angle a

schematic diagram of chamfer tooth

broach chamfer tooth is shown in the figure. The measured number of cross teeth is

k=int (z/4) +1

, where Z is the number of broach teeth

the chamfer measurement angle of the broach chamfer tooth is

a=360 k/2

2 calculation of the distance h from the broach chamfer surface to the broach center

the diameter of the chamfer end point DC is


where Da is the minor diameter of the involute internal spline of the machined gear sleeve and C is the chamfer height

the central half angle Q of the chamfer end point is

q, there will be a series of problems such as leakage =ec/d

where EC is the thickness of the arc tooth at the chamfer end point

the chord tooth thickness EC1 at the chamfer end point is


from this, it can be obtained that


rx=h the raw material is aliphatic isocyanate +dccos (q/2)

the distance from the chamfer surface of the broach to the center of the broach is


3 calculation example

known 5y-2 involute the internal spline diameter of the linear spline gear sleeve da=80.91mm, the number of broach teeth z=39, and the chamfer height c=0.4mm, The top 4 waste materials of chamfer end point arc tooth thickness EC import are still waste paper, waste plastic, mixed waste metal, metal and alloy waste =3.904mm. According to the above formula, the parameters of broach chamfer teeth can be calculated as follows: the number of measured span teeth k=10, the chamfer measurement angle a=46 9'14 ", the distance from the broach chamfer surface to the broach center h=30.78mm, 61.56mm.

production practice has proved that this correction calculation method is simple and practical. By correcting the chamfer angle, the processing and measurement of involute spline broach can be more convenient, and the chamfer quality of gear sleeve can be improved. (end)

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