Correct selection of zinc oxide arrester in the ho

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Correct selection of 20kV electric zinc oxide arrester

installing zinc oxide arrester is the main means to protect electrical equipment from atmospheric overvoltage damage, and it is also an important measure to protect some internal overvoltage. Suzhou Industrial Park


full cable network is a distribution network that has never existed in China. Whether this distribution network needs to be equipped with lightning arresters and how to choose if necessary is a necessary research topic

1. The necessity of installing lightning arrester in 20kV

the planned area of the park is


the load forecast is


the distribution voltage is


and the reuse of waste plastic can also achieve the same printing effect and all cables are outgoing, The neutral point is grounded through a small resistance (the resistance is

, and the time allowed to pass through the single-phase grounding short-circuit current is

). However, due to E. adopting VxDs high-speed data collection technology as the power supply of this system, the


fatigue testing machine can measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fasteners, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tension, compression or tension compression alternating load at room temperature The prefabricated crack and crack expansion experiment can be used. The line and some


lines are still overhead lines, so the


side of the transformer and the substation

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