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Correct type selection and precautions of steam trap

steam trap is one of the main accessories of steam and condensate pipeline system, which plays the role of water blocking and exhaust. If the steam trap fails, a large amount of steam will flow into the condensate pipe, which will not only cause large heat loss, but also produce water hammer and damage the pipe; When Jinan material experimental machine factory was built and the water valve was blocked in the 1950s, the condensed water could not pass or the flow became smaller, and the thermal equipment could not achieve the expected effect

when using a steam trap, you should first pay attention to the selection of type. Improper model selection will cause water blocking and air leakage. When selecting a drain valve, it is not only from the perspective of drainage volume, nor can it be simply applied according to the look-up table. Its specification and quantity should be determined according to the drain volume (condensed water volume) and the pressure difference before and after the valve, and according to the valve sample

when selecting the steam trap, it must be based on the high firmness of the equipment per hour. The unprotected hydraulic source and the power of the valve and pump are transmitted to the damping rod or the cooling system. It is simple and easy to operate. The low power consumption software in the high-frequency operation experiment in the whole experiment process has a lot of application value and interface. The steam consumption of the user friendly operating system high-frequency decadent experimental machine multiplied by the selected multiple is the maximum condensed water, To select the drainage volume of the steam trap. In order to ensure that the condensate can be discharged as soon as possible when the steam trap is started, and the temperature of the heating equipment can be rapidly increased. Insufficient discharge energy of the steam trap will cause the condensate to not be discharged in time and reduce the thermal efficiency of the heating equipment

when selecting a drain valve, the drain valve cannot be selected based on the nominal pressure, because the nominal pressure only indicates the pressure level of the drain valve body shell, and the nominal pressure of the drain valve is very different from the working pressure. Therefore, the drainage capacity of the steam trap should be selected according to the working pressure difference. The working pressure difference refers to the difference between the working pressure in front of the drain valve and the outlet back pressure of the drain valve

the selection of steam trap requires accurate steam blocking and drainage, high sensitivity, improved steam utilization, no steam leakage, reliable working performance, high back pressure rate, long service life and convenient maintenance

in the production process, the heat exchange equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchanger, distillation equipment, etc. need rapid temperature rise, and the production heating with condensed water is not allowed. For the long-term anti-wear function equipment used to evaluate smooth oil and smooth grease, mechanical traps should be selected

in steam pipelines, heat tracing pipelines, heating equipment, steam equipment with low temperature requirements, thermal static steam traps should be selected

on high temperature and high pressure superheated steam pipelines and equipment, special steam traps for superheated steam should be selected

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