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After a month, Luoyang regular customers pick up the car again, and the combination of United Lingyu is popular...

after a month, Luoyang regular customers pick up the car again, and the combination of United Lingyu is popular...

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flowers bloom and fall, and time passes; When spring goes and comes, the seasons change, and it is May Day on earth in the twinkling of an eye. Although the peonies in Los Angeles wither, the peony is in full bloom at this time, and Lingyu factory is also particularly lively. Today, 14 tankers from Lingyu were delivered in batches, which once again impressed customers with excellent quality and all-round service

then replace the amplifier. This customer is an old customer of Lingyu. He just picked up a batch of Lianhe Lingyu mixers at the beginning of last month. His good use experience made him order another 14 sets, which is not only a great recognition of Lianhe Lingyu's products and services, but also a great trust in Lingyu people

Lianhe truck is a holding subsidiary of CIMC group. At the beginning of its establishment, it has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of domestic high-end heavy trucks. So far, it has experienced 10 years of trials such as wind energy and solar energy wind frost, and has made remarkable achievements in the sales of LNG clean energy heavy trucks, Dangerous Goods trucks, heavy engineering dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks and other models. In 2020, United truck and Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd. jointly developed and launched a new generation of United Lingyu noble concrete mixer, which caused a sensation in the industry once it was launched, and the sales volume has continued to grow recently

the 14 "United Lingyu" mixers delivered this time are targeted at medium and high-end concrete mixers. It adopts the optimized combination of combined truck chassis and Lingyu tank truck, and on the basis of meeting the engineering requirements, it can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, except for cables. The reason why customers can buy again and again is that this mixer truck is really strong in both internal and external repair

01. Cage cab structure, design safety and wide vision

the cage body structure is adopted by the United Lingyu noble concrete mixer, and the utilization rate of high-strength steel plate is as high as 47%, and the maximum thickness of 2.0mm is far beyond the industry average level. Equipped with a high-cost wide body cab, it has large space and high comfort. The safety standard fully meets the requirements of European ecer29 Collision Regulations, and the safety factor is very high. Coupled with the new u+ surround interior, the height of the instrument panel is reduced and the vision is wider

02. The power chain is mature and stable, and the performance is fuel-efficient. The new mixer has been innovating since the beginning of research and development, striving to realize the lightweight of products. United truck took the lead in launching the light composite mixer in the Guangdong market. After two years of operation, upgrading and optimization, it has become very mature today. This United Lingyu mixer truck is equipped with Yuchai's former leader Huadan 6L 350 HP engine, matched with fast gearbox and wheel reducer rear axle. It runs smoothly and operates smoothly. It is second to none in terms of energy saving and fuel saving

in addition to the special working state of the concrete mixer, the combined truck complements Lingyu's advantages in research and development. Combined with the 8+5 roller double-layer girder structure and the auxiliary beam design of Lingyu mixer, the car body strength is improved to a higher level, which greatly increases the operation stability

03. Upgraded standard canned, beautiful performance, internal and external repair

as one of the backbone enterprises of CIMC vehicle group, CIMC Lingyu has achieved good results in recent years, and the supply of products exceeds the demand. Lingyu has always adhered to the concept that steel is good and cans are good. It adopts customized special steel of Baowu steel, constantly optimizes product design, and continues to make progress in discharging speed, uniformity, residual rate, etc. Coupled with the huge investment in upgrading the production line in 2019, the intelligent and digital production platform will bring greater benefits to customers

04. All round service, customer-centric

14 delivery of vehicles does not mean the completion of the transaction. Lingyu's considerate service starts here. The optimized combination of CIMC Lingyu and United truck will bring customers better products and more detailed services. Everything is customer-centric, and customer needs are the direction of our efforts

Lianhe Lingyu, repack

the delivery of these 14 Lianhe Lingyu mixers will add a lot of color to the construction of the ancient capital Luoyang, and it will also become a beautiful scenery in the engineering construction

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