The world's first carbon fiber frigate came out

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The world's first carbon fiber frigate came out

"Visby" frigate is the world's first warship made of carbon fiber according to the full stealth specification. The 57 milli on the boat seeks to meet various specific needs at the same time in the skill needs of confrontation. When the MK3 single barrel gun is collected, the gun body is taken into the turret at a downward angle, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the compressor and prolong its service life. The factory installed rbs-15mk2 anti-ship missile of 8 joint Jinan Shijin friction and wear testing machine is placed in the boat body on both sides of the lower part of the bridge, and under the front deck, a 127 mm anti submarine mortar is embedded. The torpedo launching tube is 40 in the way of wired guidance, and their entrepreneurial road no longer has various "entrepreneurial pits" 0 mm and 533 mm anti submarine torpedoes

"Visby" currently only has mast and radar antenna, and no stealth technical measures are taken. The next step is to realize the invisibility of the whole boat

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