After the hottest new year's day, the domestic mar

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After new year's day, the domestic market price of bisphenol a rose sharply

after new year's day, bisphenol a spot merchants rose with one heart, and the market rose all the way. Especially last week, the market became more crazy. At the beginning of the week, the quotation jumped high, rising from 19500 yuan (ton price, the same below) to 20000 yuan at the current high end. The actual transaction price also rose from 17800 ~ 18000 yuan at the end of December 2010 to 19500 ~ 19600 yuan at the current time, with an increase of 1500 yuan. Due to the over speed of the recent market, there is no time for the downstream to react, and there is a strong atmosphere of high-level wait-and-see, and there are numerous empty rises in the rapid upward channel of the market

at the same time, epichlorohydrin, a related product, is also tight and its price is rising. It has started to rise since 13300 yuan in late December 2010. At present, the reference negotiated price of small single retail in East China has risen to about 15500 yuan. The spot exchange price is low, but the overall increase is also above 2000 yuan. The downstream epoxy resin was supported by the rise of dual raw materials, and actively followed up. The quotation increased by 1500 yuan, and the actual transaction increase was 1000 ~ 1300 yuan

raw acetone was supported by tight supply and high-level external market, and merchants were reluctant to sell and speculate. The spot price of acetone in East China rose by about 500 yuan, up about 700 yuan compared with the start of the market in late December 2010; However, phenol is mainly subject to the fundamentals of supply and demand. Since late December, the market focus has been lowered. Under the combination of high oil prices and raw material pure benzene outer disk, but the impact is not strong, the market has further downward space. The specific production date seems to be limited according to the commissioning results. The mainstream negotiated price in East China is 13500 ~ 13600 yuan, about 500 yuan lower than that in late December 2010, which is the only link in the bisphenol a industry chain and related products

at present, bisphenol A is mainly sold at a high cost. Domestic production enterprises actively adjust the strain system to check the calibration and zeroing of the extensometer: the measurement standard length rises with the market, and the outer disc price rises. The stock demand before the Spring Festival is expected to further fuel the bull sentiment. However, due to the short time, rapid growth and large range, the downstream response is slightly slow, and the high-level transaction volume is general. Bisphenol A's short-term rise of 1000 yuan is unique. It remains to be seen how far the subsequent market can go

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