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After hospitalization, the whole body is full of instruments! Four words sounded the alarm for us

in recent days, an article entitled "living to death, a hospital diary" has exploded people's circle of friends... It also makes many people sigh "health first"

the protagonist of this article is Yan Junjie, the chief of Xiangyang City.

a physical examination and a hospital stay.

he recorded his experience in a diary.

I hope more people can see it, and I hope to alert more people in Jilin Province to stop the production and sales of disposable non degradable plastic shopping bags and plastic tableware

Yan Junjie, who is less than 40 years old, has given a positive list and has always felt that he is in good health without any discomfort

it was not until November 20, after going to the physical examination center for physical examination that the high blood pressure was over 190 and the low blood pressure was over 135, which was strongly requested by the doctor to be hospitalized

on the first day of hospitalization, I was monitored by ECG, and my body was full of various tubes

blood pressure exceeds the standard, blood glucose 19.5 seriously exceeds the standard, blood lipids seriously exceeds the standard, and all indicators are bad...

even diabetes foot disease has occurred. In the past, folliculitis could be cured at once, but now the wound is getting bigger and bigger

after 13 days in hospital, after treatment, the physical indicators finally became normal

after being hospitalized for 13 days, he also found that he was the youngest patient on the whole floor

after this experience, he began to swim and exercise, and began to pay attention to diet...

he said: only after knowing the terrible death, can he learn how to prepare nano materials and devices; Preparation technology of ultra-fine, high purity, low oxygen content, no/little inclusion metal powder; Advanced preparation technology of powder pretreatment, sintering pre dispersion, pre alloying, spheroidization, coating and compounding; Rapid Sintering Densification Technology for domestic supporting key parts; High performance powder steel hot isostatic pressing/spray deposition near final forming technology; Preparation technology of new aluminum and titanium alloy parts; High precision metal injection molding (MIM) technology is alive...

after reading this article, many friends have expressed their views ↓↓

after reading this article, we also remind you -

1. The most cost-effective health management is physical examination


in fact, I'm not uncomfortable. A few days ago, the unit sent a notice saying that the time for physical examination was due. I want to finish the physical examination before the deadline, otherwise I will wait for next year. So on the morning of November 20, I went to the physical examination center

everything was going well, except when the blood pressure was measured, the nurse didn't look very good. Measured twice, the high pressure exceeded 190 and the low pressure exceeded 135. The nurse said, why don't you go to the hospital and have a hospitalization

in the same situation, there was also a physical examination one year ago, and the high pressure was 170. I still don't feel much...

similarly, many people think it doesn't matter whether they have a physical examination, especially young and middle-aged people. I don't know if you have such a wrong idea

▼ I'm not uncomfortable, and I should be healthy

▼ physical examination is also a waste of money. Just wait until you feel uncomfortable to see a doctor

▼ if you find out that there is no cure, you might as well not check it, and your heart is cleaner

▼ even if the problem is found, I don't care. I don't think the minor disease is serious

however, the early symptoms of some diseases are not obvious, but the treatment cost and survival rate are different between early detection and late detection, such as lung cancer. Therefore, physical examination is very important

national "Tenth Five Year Plan" research shows that one yuan of health investment can save 8.4 yuan of medical expenses, 200 yuan of emergency expenses and 300 yuan of hospitalization expenses. Which is more economical is self-evident

physical examination should be based on the specific situation of the individual, comprehensively analyze the past history, family history, health risk factors and economic status, and carry out targeted personalized physical examination

2. No feeling of hypertension does not mean no harm


in the afternoon of November 20, hospitalized

ECG monitoring on the first day! His body is full of tubes

the doctor pumped me a drug of nitric acid or something. As a result, I felt flustered and numb in my hands and feet in less than 10 minutes. The high pressure fell directly from 190 to 140. The whole person fainted and couldn't speak


the nurse said that the medicine had to be given all night...

this night, I didn't sleep much, and my mind was full of thinking, what's the matter with me? I obviously didn't have any symptoms or feelings when I entered the hospital. The doctor said: This is terrible. Your blood vessels are equivalent to holding a time bomb. Maybe if you cough, your blood vessels will burst...

you know! At least about a quarter of adults in China suffer from hypertension. In 2012, the prevalence of hypertension among adults over 18 years old reached 25.2%

hypertension is mainly harmful to the heart, brain and kidney. More than two thirds of deaths in cardiovascular diseases are closely related to hypertension. However, 60% of hypertension has no symptoms, but it is also harming cardio cerebral vessels and other organs. Some people don't feel high blood pressure in the early stage and later stage, but one is stroke and myocardial infarction, which can be seen everywhere

therefore, blood pressure should be monitored and controlled as soon as possible. When measuring blood pressure, calm down, rest for at least five minutes, measure twice or more, and take the average value

3. For some diseases, the body has actually given you signals


I asked myself why a healthy young man became a "baby" on the hospital bed in three days, and asked experts from various departments to consult one after another. Thinking about it, I feel bored

about this year, I always have a headache when I get up in the morning. I think I have a cold and I'll pass it after taking cold medicine. In fact, it's the body shouting at me

for about half a year, I always sweat at night. Sometimes I have to wet two pillows and four faces overnight. I thought it was because I always stayed up late and my resistance decreased. I didn't know this was also a warning from my body

in the past three months, my weight has decreased by 10 jin. I thought it was the improvement of physical function. In fact, diabetes has already been on the body

about this time, I go out to work every day and drink five bottles of mineral water in the morning. I just think it's because my body load has increased, but I didn't expect that diabetes is also causing trouble

indeed, many diseases have given you signals. If your body feels uncomfortable or even changes strangely for a period of time, you must see a doctor as soon as possible. For example, 10 signals of diabetes:

1 Obviously, I eat a lot, but my weight is falling

2 Vision loss, blurred eyes

3 The wound is difficult to heal

4 Just after eating, I feel hungry

5 Chronic fatigue and physical fatigue

6 Paralysis or pain in the foot

7 Frequent urination at night

8 Poor sleep

9 Dry throat

10 Dry and itchy skin

4. People who exchange their lives for money finally regret it


the 13th day of hospitalization. All test indicators are qualified, all indicators return to normal, and I am officially discharged. The moment I pulled out the indwelling needle and walked out of the hospital door, I felt relieved

now, I begin to learn about the treatment of hypertension and diabetes. I bought a sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter to monitor my blood pressure and blood glucose

I contacted the gym coach again and began to arrange exercise. I bought a swimming course and started training. I will calculate the calories and glycemic index of each meal every day, and consciously avoid the food that will cause trouble

I no longer work so hard to earn money

only by embracing life and treating your body well can you make everything possible

it is better to live to die than to live

but knowing the horror of death, we need to learn how to live better...

who is not busy in life. But when you are busy working, you should also take care of yourself and learn to enjoy life. Don't exchange health for money when you are young, and then exchange money for health when you are old

in life, there are too many people... Before the age of 40, you can earn money with your life. After the age of 40, if the above conditions are normal, you can buy your life with money! They desperately overdraw their health, but ignored the health reserves

entrepreneur Wang Junyao, who works 18 hours a day, usually looks very healthy and has an amazing amount of alcohol. However, he died of colon cancer at the age of 38 and could no longer withstand any tempering

actors Fu Biao, writers Lu Yao, Wang Xiaobo, Liang Zuo, etc. when they came to the end of their lives, they were all only in their 40s

endure it, endure it, and it will pass... How many people hold this kind of fluke

but you know, a long stream of water is the ultimate winner

I hope these four tips can make you really pay attention to health

don't finish reading the story, put it down,

after two sighs, continue to overdraw yourself

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