Analysis of crawler crane in Northeast China

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Analysis of crawler crane in Northeast China

as a heavy lifting equipment, the market development of crawler crane is greatly affected by the policy guidance of the country's middle interlayer as an elastic PCU and the local engineering construction environment. In 2009, it used a diamond cone with a support angle of 120 ° or a steel ball with a diameter of 1.59 and 3.18mm. The Chinese government showed strong faith and determination to win in the game with this round of global economic crisis. It not only increased the investment in infrastructure construction, but also implemented a loose monetary policy and lowered the credit threshold. What do these mean to the crawler crane market? Construction machinery visited the local crawler crane market and hoisting market in Northeast China in September, 2009, and visited the fan installation project of Harbin Yilan Fuqiang wind farm. Trying to understand the Northeast crawler crane market from the perspectives of sales market, hoisting market and hoisting engineering

affected by many factors such as economic conditions and use concept, the crawler crane markets in various regions have different characteristics. Through many visits to the sales personnel and users of crawler cranes in Northeast China, this paper makes a simple analysis on the crawler crane market in Northeast China from the perspectives of crawler crane sales market and hoisting market

among the three northeast provinces, Liaoning Province has the best economic development. The market of small tonnage crawler crane is also the most experimental one. The relative humidity of the operating environment is lower than 80%; good The market of medium and small tonnage crawler cranes in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces is flat, and there is not much to circle. It is understood that crawler cranes in Northeast China are mainly used in 6 systems, namely power construction, chemical construction, metallurgical construction, water construction, shipbuilding and bridge construction. In 2009, the market of small and medium tonnage crawler cranes in Liaoning Province declined seriously, mainly due to the following two reasons:

first, the above six application fields were seriously affected by the economic crisis, and the surge in equipment procurement in 2008 led to a sharp drop in the demand for crawler cranes in 2009. Among them, the shipbuilding industry and metallurgical construction industry are the most affected. Take Dalian as an example. Although the local shipbuilding industry is very developed and the demand for crawler cranes once expanded rapidly, the economic crisis almost stopped the production of various shipyards. Metallurgical construction takes Angang Group as an example. The first phase of its Bayuquan iron and steel new project has been completed, and the second phase of the project was basically shelved in 2009 due to the economic crisis. The six systems involve energy, transportation, water conservancy and other important economic links of the country. The demand for crawler cranes is not only huge, but also highly concentrated. The decline in demand for any one system has an immediate impact on the Liaoning crawler crane market. The current situation is that the six systems have been affected by the economic crisis almost at the same time, which is self-evident for the impact on the Liaoning crawler crane market

secondly, in 2009, the state implemented the road maintenance fee exemption policy for truck cranes, which objectively covered the already cooled market of small and medium tonnage crawler cranes with a layer of frost. In the past, one of the biggest advantages of crawler cranes of the same level compared with truck cranes was that they did not need to pay road maintenance fees. Now, the introduction of the new road maintenance fee policy has made the crawler crane almost lose this advantage. Many users who plan to buy crawler cranes are cut off halfway by truck cranes that are more convenient for transfer operations

xudegang, director of the crawler crane Shenyang Representative Office of Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. of XCMG group, believes that the overall situation of the downward trend has been determined. Affected by the cold weather in the north, the time suitable for hoisting in the northeast is limited, usually about 4 months less than that in the south. At present, the fourth quarter is approaching, the season suitable for construction in Northeast China is nearing the end, and the demand for crawler cranes in 2009 has basically been fully released. Director xudegang predicts that the crawler crane market in Northeast China will pick up in the spring of 2010. There are three main reasons for this: first, the price of domestic refined oil has risen at present, which may drive the exploitation of oil fields in Northeast China, thus driving the recovery of crawler crane market; Secondly, the investment funds for national infrastructure construction will be further in place, and the construction of key projects such as high-speed railway will also be a good way to promote the recovery of crawler crane market; Third, the best sales seasons in the Northeast market in previous years were usually concentrated in March, April and may, and next year is no exception

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